A Rising Tide’s A ‘Coming

Jun 22, 2009 by

rt1The Fourth Annual Rising Tide Conerence, coming to you live from New Orleans this coming August!

In order to help people keep up with the event and surrounding activities I am adding an RSS feed of the Rising Tide Blog in the sidebar (to the right), is plain english there will always be links to the most current info right there where it says Rising Tide IV.

I recall when this was just an idea being bandied about in the immediate post levee failure blogosphere. Now it is four years old and continues to amplify every year.rt2

If you’re an out of town blogger, new media / social media geek, journalist, or someone just plain interested in the challenges being faced in the streets of modern New Orleans check out the site and consider attending.

For a look at last year’s craziness check out Rising Tide Dot Net or the Rising Tide Flickr Community.

-Loki, HumidCity Founder and Curator

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