SKULL CLUB supports NOLA Rising; Saturday Night

Jun 25, 2009 by

It’s officially official;
This Saturday, in support of NOLA Rising & Rex Dingler,
there will be a cocktail party, featuring ‘Maratmosas’
(Champagne, orange juice and ridiculous quotations)
at the Skull Club, from 9pm ’til Midnight.

Cheap cash bar, or BYOB.

Read the comment thread, too.
Think of it as advance homework.

The info:
This Saturday Night, nine pm to midnight.
Cheap cash bar or BYOB.
Rex will speak.
Whether we like it or not.

Frenchy McPoncy the Quotation Monster is invited, too.
$5 penalty for every quote or named dropped.

All spraying of nose goblins and delighful cocktail mixes
will be cleaned by the purveyors of said spewtum.
Or else.
Bibs optional.

If you’re not there, guess who we’ll be taking the piss out of….

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