New Orleans Finest Crusader Speaks Out on Health Care

Jul 2, 2009 by

The first time I met Karen Gadbois she was learning to use WordPress at a workshop I was helping out with. She was full if vim and vigor, and not a little piss and vinegar. I liked her immediately.

In the intervening years I have watched her use the Internet with precision, determination, and a desire to make things better for her community. Truly she is one of the best of us.

As someone who has a proven track record on social issues and as a cancer survivor her words are worth listening to as the subject of health care worms its way through the distant corridors of power up in DC. Please give this bief message about health care a listen and pass it on to your friends. This to important to too many people for us to get it wrong. We already did that during Katrina and the levee failure….

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else, I give you Karen Gadbois of Squandered Heritage and The New Orleans Institute. She won New Orleanian of the Year from the Gambit in 2008, and with damn good reason. Lend her your ears.

-Loki, HumidCity Founder and Curator

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  1. as a breast cancer survivor i support this as well. that being said, i also feel the public must have the option to choose what plan works best for them and their lifestyle – if they are in the position to do so.

    i’m a bit leary of the government running anything these days, whether it’s health care or automotive companies.
    but, that’s just me.

  2. P. W.

    I agree Termite… health care for all – just read the fine print.

  3. I’m with the Termite on this; it’s all about the options, and our federal government has a long way to go to instill confidence….

    …All the same, the richest country on earth, and people here will die, some today, from a lack of wealth, while insurance corporations, recently bailed out by that same government, are warming up their private jet planes.

    I hear tears, falling like rain.

  4. loki.. what do these tweets have to do with this post?


  5. It is called a bug. I’m deactivating the Twitter plugin now and looking for a fix. Thanks for saying something, I’m usually looking at things from the admin interface and did not see it until you spoke up!

    Thanks little termite, I appreciate it!

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