Skull Club – Saturday Night

Jul 6, 2009 by

As the oppressive heat, and more oppressive stupidity (insert political figurehead here), kicks in for another long New Orleans summer, the Skull Club is hosting its Second Saturday Opening with the St. Claude Art District before closing until September. It’s just too damn hot.

I hope each and every one of the Usual Suspects makes it by. I’ll miss you all, ya dodgy lot. The next time we see each other may be on the side of the interstate or even by canoe. Who knows.

I know you’ve all helped rock a great season of new & interesting art by new & interesting people. So stop by after the other galleries close. Hoist something cold and take a little pride in the fact that just because we’re ‘different’ doesn’t mean we’re not the real deal. Even circus freakshow rejects make friends. My mom promised me it was true, that first, horrible day at school…but I digress.

Hope ya make it, one & all.
Have a great summer and remember, be prepared.

Lord David
Skull Club
New Orleans

July Mailer

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