Dirty Linen Night; Despite Carpetbagging the Show Goes On

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Saturday Night, August 8th, is Dirty Linen Night on Royal Street, in the French Quarter.

For seven years, the same small group of promoters have put together this event, in which local galleries and shops open their doors to the general public for some extra hours (6pm – 9pm), do the meet & greet, offer wine & spirits and often snacks to the visiting throngs, local critics, lookie lous, and whoever else might show up. It was designed to be a bohemian version of uptown’s White Linen Night, and was staged on a separate weekend out of respect for that event.

This has always been a free event, frequently also sponsored by liquor companies, too, for the chance to display their name and products at this event, also for free. As far as Dirty Linen Night is concerned, it still is. I would encourage everyone to attend this wonderful event, see some art, meet like minded, creative or appreciative souls, catch a buzz, & enjoy a summer night in the French Quarter.

There is now a darker force looming in the background, however. A group calling itself  ‘Vieux Carre Soiree’ has come on board, and is advertising a paid event, on the same day, at the same time,  and in the exact same location. Their plan is to encourage folks to dress up like pirates (enough, already!), sell wrist bands at ‘Information Booths’ and use these to sell booze on the streets that they’ve gotten donated for free, apparently.

It’s no further surprise that the guiding hand & mind behind this, Miss Antoinette Dealteriis, is also affiliated with PyrateCon, another carpetbagger event that claims charity donations and has been unable to produce any record of same, although it has been under litgation for years, accused of non-payment of workers and performers, fraud and even stealing the event & name, itself.

I am told by Dirty Linen Night founders that Miss Dealteriis was brought on board after volunteering to help promote the event, and once the regulars were busy elsewhere, launched her own Vieux Carre Soiree on the exact same night & location, even going so far as to attempt to get Glazer Liquor distributers, who usually sponsor DLN, to come on board. Apparently the plan was to collect money for the booze that Glazer usually donates for free. At this writing, I’ve been informed that Glazer has backed out of this debacle of greed.
Miss Dealteriis only comment on record is, “You don’t own the night.”
Neither do you, honey.
And we’re not gonna pay you for it.

Besides the obvious slimey methods attached, turning an Art Appreciation event into another pirate & wench costumed Bourbon Street style drunken blitz is hardly what this city needs. In fact, it seems to be only aimed at adding to PyrateCon’s California Carpetbagger Presence, designed to bleed New Orleans for whatever it can before the pirate craze loses wind in it’s sails. Uh…too late guys. 

Why would anyone support this event? (Vieux Carre’ Soiree’)


Besides being an obvious Cashing-In on many years of someone else’s hard work, it lists itself in it’s Face Book bio as a non-profit charity, for which no listing exists. If anyone can find a 501(3)c listing for them, I’d love to see it.
In short, here’s the message, for what it is worth:


I hope to see you there.

Lord David
Skull Club
New Orleans

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