“Monuments to their own power.”

Jul 31, 2009 by

 While Sean Cummings is snapping up property his appointed postion will increase in value, and soliciting his New York ‘friends’ to come on down & “reinvent New Orleans” and “Import artists” to fulfill his plans of what our neighborhoods should be, the Battle for Charity Hospital rages on.

 I am the first to admit that New Orleans needs some new blood in terms of investment, and certainly in terms of law enforcement & local government. All of these things are necessary to the rebuilding process of an American City.

 The problem arsies when those influences are given too much power (as in Sean Cummings and LSU, never mind C. Ray) and begin to see their socio-political contribution, as Tom Piazza puts it, as “Monuments to their own power.”

 Please take a look at the following video, where-in Mr. Piazza succintly puts it all together, in just a couple of minutes. Keep in mind that community voices and organizations encouraged the re-evaluation of the ‘Poison Port’. It is not beyond the scope of these same activities to question Mr. Cummings unethical property grab and ensuing ‘reinvention’ of our neighborhoods, nor is it too late for the continuing support of www.savecharityhospital.com to make a difference.

Please watch the clip. Take a minute to take pride in being part of the Real New Orleans, a fascinating collage of tenacious creativity, southern charm & dedicated citizenry, steeped in the generations that, like we must do now, have held on like their lives depended on it.

The Life of the City of New Orleans very well may.



Lord David
Skull Club
New Orleans

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