Krewe du Vieux den Ablaze (Updated Again)

Aug 4, 2009 by

I just got an email that there has been a fire at the KdV den. NOLASlate reports that floats from the Seeds of Decline, TOKIN and the Krewe of LEWD are pretty well toasted. I’ll post more when I have it.


Update 10pm CST: This via my fellow Krewe of Chartreuse member Susan Cossabone: “Krewe du Vieux suffered a small problem today with a fire next to the den with the Seeds of Decline float destroyed along with another sub-krewe’s float and smoke and water damage to other floats. I took the crappy photos and Thanks to Charlotte for taking the good ones!! We shall rebuild!!”

Here is a picture of the Den courtesy taken by HumidCity Irregular Charlotte Diem (more forthcoming):


Update 10:10 CST: Via HumidCity Irregular Charlotte Diem: Just got back from the Den Of Muses (Krewe du Vieux’s Den) The Machine shop caught on fire in side the den. The right hand corner of the den where it is located caught on fire. It looks like at least on float was heavily damaged (Token or who ever is located next to Crude) Crude’s float looks like it only has smoke and water damage. Underwhere’s float is fine. (some smoke?) A friend will post photos I took.

Update 8-5-09 11am CST: Via Maitri– Just got off the phone with Ray Kern, captain of Krewe du Vieux. The fire was EXTREMELY localized just taking the Seeds, Tokin and LEWD floats as well as the electrical and transluscent roof on that side of the den. In fact, all the memorabilia and artwork on the ground surrounding those floats were UNscathed. Shay’s metalworks studionext door was completely destroyed, sadly. The two-alarm fire was contained quickly and didn’t spread, but until the electrical to thatend is fixed, the power to the entire den will remain off. Let’s hope insurance comes back quickly and with the right amount of cash.

The inspectors and ATF (commercial building fires now require ATF investigation) are still investigating the cause of the fire. The cause of the fire is still completely undetermined, so anything you hear until Ray gets the final word from the inspectors is speculation.

Many krewe members have already stepped up to help, but Ray will be sending out an email requesting help from skilled (emphasis on skilled) electrical and roofing workers. The whole building needs a rewiring update anyway, so this is the chance to do it right.

More when I hear it. Poor Ray, he’s still fixing his homes from the flood and now this. Needless to say, he’s overwhelmed. All he wants from you who love the krewe are good thoughts and vibes.

Oh, and get this, the den is called the Den of Muses. How many Muses?9. The number of the fire truck that showed up. #9. Coincidence, I think not.

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