Vodou Ritual to Oya

Aug 6, 2009 by

oyaRITUAL TO PROTECT NEW ORLEANS DURING THE HEIGHT OF 2009 HURRICANE SEASON. Honor the Goddess OYA, who rules over hurricanes, and ask her to spare New Orleans during the months we are most vulnerable to these storms.

Doors will be at 8:30 and the ceremony will start promptly at 9:00. The ritual will be approximately an hour and a half long. Once underway, no one will be allowed in or out until the ceremony is finished.

We work outdoors in a courtyard of an historic French Quarter building. Brick and wood underfoot can be uneven. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

Those attending are welcome to simply observe or to participate in the festivities.

WE DO NOT SACRIFICE ANIMALS. Snakes, however, are sacred in most Vodou traditions. It is likely at least one will be part of the ritual.

Feel free to bring offerings to put on the altar for Oya.

Reservations recommended. Space is limited. In order to keep this piece of new orleans history alive, The Temple of the Alter-Native Star relies on donations. Suggested donation is $15.

To make reservations, or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call. (Number at the end of this post.

Starling/TTOTANS will not be responsible for injury of any kind which might be sustained while visitors are anywhere on the property.

No one unconnected with the conducting of the ritual will be expected to handle or even be close to the snakes. If you are uncomfortable in the presence of these animals, please keep this in mind.

Oya loves red wine (port wine in particular) Rum (especially dark rum) Eggplant and items such as beads or stones in colors ranging from magenta to black and the number nine (9) is sacred to her. Certainly if there is something you feel strongly about offering her, feel free to bring it or call to ask if it would be appropriate.

Friday, August 7, 2009 | The Starling Courtyard 1022 Royal St. | Suggested Donation: $15

For More Info Call 504.595.6777 | Event Page of Facebook

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