First-Ever Rising Tide Contest

Aug 17, 2009 by

So I came up with this crazy idea to get the attendance numbers for Rising Tide up, with the added bonus of putting some names to some faces when, hopefully, most of you come on down to the Zeitgeist this coming Saturday. It helps that we got written up in this week’s Gambit (link coming soon!), but you know, I think we need just a little more love, so I came up with this:

First off, the money for this is coming from me and only from me. Do not ask the Rising Tide website, blog, Facebook, or Twitter accounts for sympathy if you have any beef with this little exercise – just bring it on over to me.

The rules:

Ineligible participants are: the RT organizers, panelists, and speakers. Sorry, folks, c’est la contest.

  • Register for and/or donate $10 or more to Rising Tide IV.
  • Check back on my blog each day for the next five days, August 17-21
  • There will be a new question each day for you all to answer. Leave your answer in the comments.
  • First correct answer to the question each day gets a five-note from li’l ol’ me. If there’s more than one correct answer each day, the first one in the chronology of comments left on this blog gets the five bucks. There can only be one winner each day.
  • If you have not registered or donated, there will be no dough for you, no matter how right the answer is.

My first question has just been posted.  Do NOT post your answer to it on Humid City – head to my site and post it there.

Good luck playing for my moolah.  8-)


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