A Birthday Gift for All My Friends…

Aug 21, 2009 by

I sometimes comment on here about going to ‘the studio’.
While this may seem like a pretentious way to impress women
(and of course, it is…) I actually do write, play, sing and record music.

I’m deep in the throws of creating a new CD, and little by little, things
are starting to come out of this ongoing process.

Since I shot off my mouth (keyboard? eh…), I thought some backup
might be appropriate. Although I’m not finished with the final mix of this
song, I thought I’d let it come out to play.

‘Woman of the Vieux Carre’ features me on guitar & voice, Derrick Moss
(Soul Rebels) on percussion, Hubie Vigrieux (The Revealers) on chimes and
Will Bowling (CAC) playing some absolutely beautiful Viola.

This started out as a song for a wonderful gal who, after less than two weeks, scraped me off like something stuck to a shoe. Today, we are still great friends, and I have inflicted myself on dozens of other lovely French Quarter women. These ‘Women of the Vieux Carre’ are the most interesting & fun women I have ever met.

This is for you, ladies.
I still love you all, each & every one.

Lord David

Listen here:

I hope to see you all tomorrow night, as we are hosted at Molly’s on Toulouse, by the amazing & beguiling Erin Churchill.
best regards;
B-Day Flyer mailer

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