Colby Watkins, Atone Pain Tribe & Sunken City Circus Founder, Dead.

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Colby Watkins, also known as the Cole Bastard, and performed live music as Cbas, has died today.

Colby was the founder of various outrageous performance groups, including the Atone Pain Tribe who did live ritual piercing, fire breathing, fire juggling and suspension shows from coast to coast, perfoming annually with Noomoon Tribe at the Land of Nod Stage, at the New Olreans Voodoo Experience. They were also an annual event at House of Shock, booked for this year.

Colby Watkins was also the founder of Sunken City Circus, his latest invention and incarnation of the Pain Tribe experience, but taken many steps further. It had only really just begun, and already pushed the previous limits, which were already far enough to make their shows famous.

Colby had performed electronic music in New Orleans and elsewhere under various names and with various groups and events. Cbas was well known in local circles.

I first met Colby at Sin City, about ten years ago. Jimmy May & I were the only ones who would allow him to do his “show” right there in the bar, and he promised to ‘up our business’ if we gave him a go.

This lead to many strange evenings and many remarkable ones. I watched him help a woman off with her coat, who then sat at the bar completely naked, covered in liquid latex. Colby & Jimmy sold tiny peices they peeled off of her, while I got completely swamped at the bar.

Another night I arrived to see Colby outside the door with a blanket in his arms. I asked him what it was for.

“To cover her up if the cops come” he said.

At that moment, a woman dressed only in a g-string, came swinging out the front door on Colby’s trapeze, then back inside again. The bar was packed. And totally insane.

While body peircing displays are not for everyone, Colby was brilliantly good at it, watching every detail and taking constant care of the subjects.

His shows at the Land of Nod Voodoo Stage are legendary.

Buono Viaggio, Mio Fratello.
Your were an incredibly creative man, Colby.
You will be surely missed.

Lord David


Photograph by Lady Robin

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