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Tune in to WIST 690 AM host Eric Asher will be talking about the NolaStat reform today at 2:00 p.m.

The NolaStat policy reform is an open data, performance management agenda for City Hall, modeled after similar programs in other cities that have reduced cost, and improved government performance, such as D.C.’s CapStat process, and Baltimore’s CitiStat process.

Every four years, New Orleans voters roll the dice in the hope that a fresh crop of politicians will turn things around in City Hall. The NolaStat reform promotes the idea that even well-intentioned public servants need a template for reform.

The NolaStat policy isn’t about endorsing one candidate for political office over another. Instead, it’s about getting all candidates to adopt the NolaStat package of reform ideas as a core component of their platforms. The goal is to change the entire operating system of City Hall no matter whose name is on the Mayor’s stationary.

There are four essential elements to the NolaStat policy reform:

1) Create a NolaStat Data Catalog to improve inter-agency coordination, to provide public access to municipal data in support of neighborhood needs, and to foster independent oversight of government activities.

2) Create NolaStat Accountability Sessions to manage the performance of city agencies, to reduce waste, to spend scarce tax revenues more wisely, and to reward creative initiatives that improve the functioning of government.

3) Create a NolaStat Office of Transparency & Accountability, to ensure that the policy implementation follows best practices and is managed by professionals, and that the reforms endure leadership changes in City Hall.

4) Create “The NolaStat Project” as a non-governmental entity to provide independent oversight of the city’s NolaStat policy reforms, to facilitate community input on city NolaStat issues through a NolaStat stakeholders’ group, and to build applications using city data to serve high-priority public needs.

If you miss Eric Asher’s show, you should be able to download the podcast from the WIST Web site.

If you’d like to become an ambassador for reform, contribute your ideas, and participate in the success of NolaStat, I encourage you to contact me for more information.

Brian Denzer

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