Silence is Golden

Oct 16, 2009 by

(What follows is a comment I left on Termite’s Blog)

Sometimes, Silence is Golden.
Like when Ray Nagin and/or David Vitter are in the room.
(My phone call to City Hall that actually really didn’t happen…)
“Hello? City Hall?
Yes, I’d like to find out how to recycle my public officials…yeah.
Well, all of them.
That’s right.
Oh, I see.
They’re all completely worthless without any redeeming qualities whatsoever?
It figures.
I seem to remember reading that on the labels, but the slime covered a lot of it up.
Yeah? You, too?
Oh yeah, there was slime oozing everywhere.
Oh, yeah, darlin, they were all like that, every single one.
Pretty disgusting, really.
 Anyway, how’s yer mom?
Need anymore help rebuilding the Universe out of popsicle sticks?
Sure, we’d all love to help.
 The Public offcials?
Oh, no, baby, we’ll just stand them out by the curb.
They never shut up anyway.
Love you, too, darlin.
Bye now.”

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