N.O. Needs an Ecological Management Plan (or 3)

Oct 27, 2009 by

This is my first post here at Humid City. So I guess a little introduction is in order. Like Loki and many others, I’ve been blogging since before the coining of the word. While at the now-functionally defunct Louisiana Music Commission, I began a news page (blog) in August 1997. Since then I’ve maintained a number of sites including NOLAmotion, DyingOaks and quite a few others. I have strong opinions regarding our stewardship of ecological and political systems. And I relish the opportunity to express myself on many topics.

Fundamentally, I believe we suck at stewardship. And though our participation in planning and in leading our region back from the watery grave of 2005 represents some of the best moments of democracy in this country’s history, we have much to do.


As I pointed out in last week’s Times-Picayune (thank you Lolis Elis and Coleman Warner), what the floods didn’t destroy, stupidity and ignorance is. Our trees are merely canaries in a coal mine. We (so far) lack the wisdom and action to implement truly innovative–and necessary–ecological management strategies that will ensure our survival. And let’s get this fact straight from the start–this isn’t about saving the planet, it’s about saving our asses.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for because we are the ones who are doomed if we don’t act swiftly.

So, where am I headed with all this? To damn near every meeting it seems. Whether it is the Sierra Club’s efforts to bring sanity to our waste systems, or Global Green, or the National Wildlife Federation, or the Green Project, or the Audubon Institute, or our many urban farming/gardening efforts–any number of amazing and vital organizations seeking to help us survive and thrive–we all must participate. And we all must come up with stronger ordinances, better systems and innovative ways to work with–rather than against–our natural environment.

It’s way later than you think.

-Steve / NOLAMotion

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