Watching the Water

Nov 9, 2009 by

Ah more excitement. Rising water and late season hurricanes. Let’s keep a eye on things, shall we?  -Loki

First this via long time Engineering Voice Matt McBride:

Here’s how to track the water levels in the outfall canals:

In the pulldown box, select “New Orleans District”

The second pulldown box, select “Outfall Canals – New Orleans (127)”

Clicking on the gauge name brings up the detail screen for that gage. On the detail screens, you can click “Plot” or “Tabulate” to pull up historical readings in graphical or tabular form. Clicking on the number on the previous screen (the one listing all the gauges) also brings up the trend graph. The level gauges track the level in the canals every 15 minutes and then supply the highest reading out of that hour to the website. An “M” means there’s a problem with the

A level gauge that provides more frequent readings – at the Coast Guard station next to the 17th Street canal – is here: CanalStation, LA&type=Tide+Data

And then some more via Tim:

Another gauge worth watching today and tomorrow is the Carrollton Gauge on the Mississippi River.  The river was predicted to crest at 14.0 this week, but now with Ida’s storm surge in the gulf and rainfall the river will probably go higher–it’s already at 13.8 and rising at this time.  These are record-setting elevations for this time of year.  Flood stage at Carrollton is 17.0 and the city is protected up to 20.0.

The Carrollton Gauge is listed under New Orleans, Mississippi River & Passes.
The NOAA forecast for the lower Mississippi River is here:

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