It’s Hostilidays Rock Opera Time!

Nov 29, 2009 by

Since this woman does not live on Humid City by Lovecraft YouTubes alone at this time of year, I present:

An outstanding accomplishment in late ’70s British religious rock opera, this lavishly produced adaptation of Tim Wynde and Solomon Homerton’s ‘fringe stage sensation’ celebrates the life-affirming story of Christ’s nativity as told through the eyes of the Innkeeper (played by Wynde). Joined by the cream of rock (Roger Kingsman – The Purple Explosion), folk (Maria Preston Bush), expressionist dance (C.T. Homerton) and professional wrestling (Kaplin Choice), Solomon and Wynde’s AD/BC features such classic songs as ‘Spreading Holy Light (Part 2)’, ‘Joseph Arrives’, and ‘The Telephone Call of Ruth (To Tony)’, Wynde’s ‘sweeping score’ and Solomon’s ‘lively lyrics’ combine to make a ‘startling’-ly fresh take on this universal story of love, faith and hotel management.

I triple-dog-dare ya to watch the whole thing….

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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