History: Week 13 Style

Dec 13, 2009 by

It’s History time again kids, jump on board! The bad news is we’ll have one less Saints game to watch this year. The good news is it’s the NFC Wildcard game. With todays’ victory over the Falcons the Saints have clinched a first round playoff bye, only their second ever. They are first NFC team to start 13-0, the best Saints start ever and the longest streak of games (17) in the history of the NFL in which a team has scored 24 points or more! Plus at 469 points the Saints have topped their all-time season point total, (463, set just last year,) by 6 points and there are still three games to go. The Saints are just 78 points away from beating the ’83 Redskins 3rd place NFL record of 541 points and 87 from taking 2nd pace away from the ’98 Vikings. We’re 121 points from topping the ’07 Patriots all-time record of 589 which may look impossible, but I think we all know that with this team anything can happen.

In a low-key performance, Drew Brees tied Aaron Brooks career TD total at 120. His next TD pass will put him in sole possession of first place. And remember it took Brooks five years to hit that mark; Drew has done it in less than three! Brees is also just 52 completions away from taking 2nd place from Brooks in career completions.

Reggie Bush came back huge from his recent knee injury. One might think he’s a little worried about the trade rumours floating around out there. Regardless, (because irregardless is not a word, no matter how many times Katie Couric uses it,) Reggie moved into 8th place on the career receptions list with 252, passing Dalton Hilliard (249) and 16 away from Hoby Brenner’s (267) now-7th place spot. Not to be outdone, Marques Colston has passed both Brenner and Quinn Early (270) with his 271st career reception putting him in 5th place all-time. He stands 14 away from Tony Galbraith’s 4th place spot.

Next up, a special Saturday Night game in the Dome versus the Dallas Cowboys who lead the series 14-8. The Saints have won the last five meetings since 1998, the last being a memorable 42-17 blowout in Texas Stadium near the end of the 2006 season.

Last, if you missed Drew Brees on the Jay Leno show this past week, he appeared in a segment called “9 at 9” in which Leno asks a guest nine questions some 40 minutes after nine-o’clock our time. (Yeah, I don’t get it either.) Brees, #9, appeared on the December 9th show. The 9th question was a test to see how many New Orlenian dishes Drew could name in 15 seconds. He named 13. Just days before the team went 13-0 on December 13th. And of course, there are 13 letters in N’awlins Saints! 9 and 13 add up to 22 and we have played the Cowboys 22 times in the past. You sly numerologists may recognize the Master Builder numeral there. Living in two worlds? One dominated by the mundane, the other by fantasy? That’s New Orleans all over!

See you on the sidelines next week!

-M Styborski

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