The Fake Landrieu Website Follies (Updated Again)

Dec 17, 2009 by

Screenshot2009-12-17at123610PMMitch The Mayor. Remove the spaces between the letters and add a dot com to the end and you have the address of a fake website taking a satirical bash at the mayor’s race and contestants., I’m not linking it because it is down. As is the twitter and the YouTube attached to it. The Gambit does an excellent job of describing the site and sharing the best quotes (and thanks to them for allowing me to use their screencap above) so rather than duplicate their efforts I advise you to read their post first. I’ll wait here, no problem. [Update: Gambit has posted an archive of the YouTude Video, it’s hilarious see it here -Loki]

Now here is where it gets fun! Got your shrimp boots handy, we’re going to wade through the mud.

First take a look at the WhoIs info on the domain registration, note the company ComputerCC
purchased the domain. We’ll be getting back to them in a moment.

Now, if you Google the company name you get this on their contact page:

ComputerCC Corporate Offices
The Provincial Building
3439 Kabel Drive, Suite 12
New Orleans, Louisiana 70131

P: 504.581.6600 F: 504.581.6604

Now, if you go to the La. Secretary of State’s website and search for that address you get a company called IOKON, LLC.  Wasn’t that easy? [Edit: It seems, from what a number of people on twitter are telling me, that ComputerCC is on public record as the financial backers of Iokon. Cozy. -Loki]

Now for the fun part. Go to Iokon’s website and scroll down to the middle of the page. The part where it says “The Latest Marketing Machine From Iokon Media”.  The first one listed is the John Georges campaign. Things that make you go hmmm….

I invite Mr. Perry, Mr. Landrieu, Mr. Georges, and anyone at Iokon to weigh in on this. The whole affair looks very questionable (proving it’s New Orleans politics) and I’m sure that a lot of people besides me would like some answers. [Georges has now weighed in, after a fashion,  by contacting The Gambit with a statement. I guess a lowly blog like our hasn’t got the juice to rate one yet. Kevin Allman’s recount of the phone conversation with Georges is available here. -Loki 10:30pm]

Anyone on the internet should know better than this, as I outlined above it is easy to dig out info once you get used to it. For that reason I am particularly interested in hearing from the Iokon people on this.

Have fun and share this around, the mayoral candidates this year need to know that we are watching. We will force transparency upon you.

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