The Fake Landrieu Website Follies (Updated Again)

Dec 17, 2009 by

Screenshot2009-12-17at123610PMMitch The Mayor. Remove the spaces between the letters and add a dot com to the end and you have the address of a fake website taking a satirical bash at the mayor’s race and contestants., I’m not linking it because it is down. As is the twitter and the YouTube attached to it. The Gambit does an excellent job of describing the site and sharing the best quotes (and thanks to them for allowing me to use their screencap above) so rather than duplicate their efforts I advise you to read their post first. I’ll wait here, no problem. [Update: Gambit has posted an archive of the YouTude Video, it’s hilarious see it here -Loki]

Now here is where it gets fun! Got your shrimp boots handy, we’re going to wade through the mud.

First take a look at the WhoIs info on the domain registration, note the company ComputerCC
purchased the domain. We’ll be getting back to them in a moment.

Now, if you Google the company name you get this on their contact page:

ComputerCC Corporate Offices
The Provincial Building
3439 Kabel Drive, Suite 12
New Orleans, Louisiana 70131

P: 504.581.6600 F: 504.581.6604

Now, if you go to the La. Secretary of State’s website and search for that address you get a company called IOKON, LLC.  Wasn’t that easy? [Edit: It seems, from what a number of people on twitter are telling me, that ComputerCC is on public record as the financial backers of Iokon. Cozy. -Loki]

Now for the fun part. Go to Iokon’s website and scroll down to the middle of the page. The part where it says “The Latest Marketing Machine From Iokon Media”.  The first one listed is the John Georges campaign. Things that make you go hmmm….

I invite Mr. Perry, Mr. Landrieu, Mr. Georges, and anyone at Iokon to weigh in on this. The whole affair looks very questionable (proving it’s New Orleans politics) and I’m sure that a lot of people besides me would like some answers. [Georges has now weighed in, after a fashion,  by contacting The Gambit with a statement. I guess a lowly blog like our hasn’t got the juice to rate one yet. Kevin Allman’s recount of the phone conversation with Georges is available here. -Loki 10:30pm]

Anyone on the internet should know better than this, as I outlined above it is easy to dig out info once you get used to it. For that reason I am particularly interested in hearing from the Iokon people on this.

Have fun and share this around, the mayoral candidates this year need to know that we are watching. We will force transparency upon you.

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  1. Sr. Luncheon

    HAHAHAHA… thank you for this investigation.

    If this is really from a candidate’s campaign, it would have been questionable in taste but I think Ok if it had just been the site and video.

    Twitter posting as another person is pushing it, and probably pushing it too far.

    Linking to a site as if it is from another candidate – Can that be something that is or should be disqualifying and could there be legal repercussions?

  2. If the fake site is parody that’s fine and swathed in First Amendment glory. But if it’s ‘parody with politically motivated undertones’ then it’s kind of manipulative. It might still be protected by the First Amendment, but not in any glorious way. And it’s not fine with me, although I’m sure that others who will exercise their First Amendment rights will disagree.

    In the old days before the Internet, people who wanted to dissuade voters from a particular candidate used to circulate anonymous leaflets calculated to stir fear and prejudice. Those leaflets were hard to trace back to anyone. Since Internet activity is easier to trace I wouldn’t be surprised to see some candidate use ‘satire websites’ to subtly invoke the old ‘negative campaign ploy.’ That way if it’s traced back to them, they can say ‘hey, it’s all in good fun!’

    One day we’ll evolve to the stage where our political candidates all stick to the serious issues. But that’s probably not going to happen until after the next Ice Age.

  3. The parody isn’t the issue….they tried to make it appear that Perry’s campaign was responsible for it instead of taking responsibility. That’s incredibly shitty. Just what we need, one more clown who blames other people for his folly.

  4. Sr. Luncheon

    Thanks for that info.

    But I still would like to know about the idea that, if the reports are correct, the fake Mitch site directed to a site that seemed to implicate Perry. That seems unethical definitely, but is it illegal for a candidate to blame another candidate for their attack ad or attack site against another candidate? (sorry that question is convoluted, but so is this scheme)

    Like if “G” made an attack site against “M”, but the site falsely implicated “P” and “H” as the ones who made the add, then is “G” doing something illegal?

  5. This latest effort, however funny it may be, is suggestive of the fact that we all suspect…

    Every single one of these arrogant assholes is a lying piece of shit.

    I recommend a lottery, by which various homeless people take turns being mayor for a day. Even if they’re all crooks, too, they’ll be so excited by swiping all the coffee change from the break room, that we can probably get something done for a change.

    Oh dear god, but I hate politicians.
    Unfortunately, nobody else is stupid enough to run for office.

    Not even me.

  6. Mrs. Butt, Son

    I don’t think perry had anything to do with it. Do you really think a guy with such a stupid/low quality campaign video would spend the time and money to put together a polished site like that?

  7. me

    say – how did you search for “3439 Kabel Drive” on the LA S.O.S’ website? on their search page i only see fields for biz name, charter number, or agent name. not address.


  8. I’m pretty sure IOKON works for the George’s campaign, FYI.

  9. mike

    You might not have gone far enough to NOT get another red herring.

    Recheck the registrants address and phone number under technical contact for your research.
    That address, P.O. Box 459. Drums, PA 18222 570-708-8760 rolls back to a scam marketing firm. Doing some reverse searches you find that phone number attached to a couple dozen scam/spam/porn sites using that phone number and addresses in Herndon, VA, Tuscon, Az, Redmond, Washington and oddly one in Tokyo, JP.

    Doing some Kris-Kross work shows the number in the Drums, Pa address.

    Another curiosity about your quick research, is the connector to IOKON.

    Not that I doubt you, (IOKON, LLC is listed in the same suite as ComputerCC) but I have never seen a link on the Sec.of State Corporations search page that allowed searching by address. You can search by company name, so I don’t get how you made that connection.

    Will you please clarify how you made that connection? because honestly it kinda looks like you just put the pieces together so they fit the way you want them too. I am sure you didn’t, but that is how it looks.

    Additionally searching for ComputerCC in a simple google search returns 34K semantic equivalents, the first two are and .net, which are two different companies, neither of which seems to indicate any association with IOKON. So again I don’t see how you would have made that connection.

    BTW the link you post in this lines “Now, if you go to the La. Secretary of State’s website and search for that address you …” goes to a login page for your blog.

    Thanks I look forward to your answer or the link to the
    Sec of State page that lets you cross check address against companies listed at that address.

  10. greg p

    Liz Reyes of the John Georges campaign smurfs the Gambit into reposting the YouTube vid as a news item:

  11. @Mike Search for Iokon under company name on the Sec of State site and you will find the common address. I have also been in touch with several former Iokon employees who attest to the fact that ComputerCC is the financial backer for Iokon. They also have many less than complimentary things to say about the company’s leadership that I will not reprint here.

    Sorry about the bad link to the Sec of state site. Here is the proper search page:
    I was notified of the connection via a tip so I was searching by company name.

    Thanks for your additional work on this, I’ll be diving into it to verify things more in the near future. Unlike some people I value the additional research efforts made by our readers, thanks for that.

    Part of this work was backtracking from an internet tip which is why I cannot show all the work. I must add that Iokon does not seem to be high in the esteem of their former employees, I’ve been contacted by several of them with a common vein of comments that are, shall we say, less than complimentary. (This includes one who said he/she was directly aware of this particular project.) While I am aware they might have an axe to grind the fact that it comes from three different sources makes one think.

    Gambit is also leaning on this heavily, look at their work as well if the subject interests you. I’ll come back and answer more comments in the morning.

    • mike


      Again i am not doubting what you are reporting, about the connection I mean, but honestly the LASOS site does not allow for the address search, so jumping to the IOKON name, without including the reasoning in your original article, disturbs me no end. Even after pointing it out you have not amended the actual article to reflect that reasoning but did respond to me in the comments section, not all people will read these comments and eventually the comments do disappear.

      While I may not personally support a candidate or position I never see a valid reason to make up lies to blame others for things. If someone has an honest point of view they should be able to support that without resorting to childish and sometimes illegal behavior.

      You and I and Dambala all know that it is extremely easy to spoof registrant records, hell payment can be made by prepaid visa cards and amex gift cards!

      This further begs the question of the Technical Contact Address in Drums, PA. As i posted earlier it is associated with many porn/scam/phish sites and if you Kris Kross the number you find it associated with more porn/scam sites in multiple states and Tokyo Japan.

      Would a “legitimate” (okay there is some question of the that in many peoples minds) company make that outrageous attack and then just choose an address and phone number associated with someone they are working for?

      What would be the connection to the scam/porn registrant in Drums, PA and elsewhere?

      Honestly this all adds up to someone trying to throw scat on the walls and hoping some of it sticks, instead of a rich, successful business person stupidly associating his own endeavors to the attack.

      One might not like Perry or Georges or any of the other candidates, but none are particularly stupid.

      Another point, you have amended the story to indicate that “public records” show the ComputerCC is a “backer” of IOKON. Now what “public” would show that? They are not a PAC, nor are they an NFP so their IRS records are off limits as public record.

      Could it be the other way around and that IOKON through their sponsorship be a backer of ComputerCC? They do have a shared suite address and IOKON’s website indicates that they help “incubate” new business and advances in social media.

      The Computer CC site is actually a WordPress theme with mainly static content, which means it is totally SEO unfriendly and very indicative of a young, inexperienced tech company that “resells” services provided by someone else.

      Checking the LASOS database, the common thread between IOKON and ComputerCC is that one Robert Claypool is affiliated with both as a director or agent.

      Further looking up Claypool the LASOS database shows 7 corporations with Claypool as a director, agent or affiliate with his address in Suite 12.

      This bolsters the idea that their association is part of incubation/investment and not some sort of collusion.

      The other companies include Safety Intelligence, LLC; TailWinds Aviation, LLC; RDC Holdings, Inc.; and Gulf Tool Co. of LA. Inc.

      it will be interesting to find out who actually put up the site and see if all this conspiracy theorizing is even somewhat correct.

  12. rick

    i love you loki

  13. This really is some low down dirty shit.

    Find ’em Spock.
    We’re ready to transport.

  14. @Rick thanks, I love my city and all in it. That is why I do this. I may live in another state now, but that changes nothing. I will fight for a better NOLA wherever I may find myself.

    I’d also like to state in the public forum that while I will be following up on the tips given by “Mike” above it still does not change the publicaly available facts. I encourage all HumidCity readers to do some digging on their own and report back.

    There is something here that smells like three week rotten fish and even from my perch here in Ohio (for those unaware, I am now the expatriate member of the team) it still reeks to high heavan.

    Data is too easily available these days for garbage of this nature to slide by unheeded. It just requires the effort of digging. Whether Iokon is as unethical as it appears or not there is still foulness that needs to be exposed. The best disinfectant is sunlight.

    In the meantime their silence looks worse and worse to the objective viewer. I’m sure they are aware since Georges has already been in contact with the Gambit on this issue.

    We will see. In the meantime these questions are of incredible importance. As a social media pro myself I find this sort of action, Iokon or not, to be emblematic of the worst behaviour of people in my field and will rest for nothing until the facts are exposed to light of day.

  15. Nice investigative work! Now I know where to go when I need some dirt unearthed. Keep me posted on the outcome.

  16. oludumare

    Just posted this to Iokon’s Contact Us form. Let’s see if they respond:

    Dear Iokon,

    Hey, we all make mistakes. What separates the good from the great (and from the bad) is how you handle those mistakes.

    So, I’m just curious who made the call there to create, and whose idea it was to make it look like it came from James Perry? Did any of that come from Georges, or did you guys just think that up on your own?

    More importantly, as a firm that does social media consulting, how do you respond to the active dialogue involving your brand and your client’s brand that this project has created? Do you speak openly and honestly about it? Or do you say nothing and wait for it to go away and hope it doesn’t get worse?

    here are some of my favorite articles on the story:

    and finally, just a thought, if you want to try to convince people to think you didn’t have anything to do with the mitchformayor project, maybe post the story here:

    since it is pretty relevant to the mayor’s race, wouldn’t you agree? by not posting it, you’re actually showing your cards a bit? no mention at all of it seems just a bit suspicious.

    One of my favorite excerpts from that site, btw:

    “it’s our combination of multiple strategies both digital and literal, that make up a genuine modern day political campaign. Dig around and learn something Mr. or Mrs. Candidate… the world is watching.”


    hey, you guys are online, listening, watching all the time. what say you, iokon? you seem pretty quiet on this one.

  17. Captain Sassy

    Thanks, Loki, for all the hard work on this!

    I’m a James Perry fan, but I totally enjoyed the video (except, of course, the snarkiness about James, lol). What I don’t like is the insinuation that James was behind it, so I’m happy to see people digging through all the crap to find out the truth … thanks for being a crap-digger! :)

  18. duane

    problem is that dog STILL won’t tell me what the secret bean recipe is.

  19. good work, loki! stay on it…

  20. johnsmith

    IOKON and ComputerCC are kinda one in the same. John Ramirez (Lead at IOKON) used to work at ComputerCC and IOKON was born out of the need for business expansion, and yes as you can tell from their site they are indeed involved in the media production side of John Georges Campaign.

  21. johnsmith

    also i cant believe they left the WHOIS results showing they own the domain even with a private registration svc!!

    does anyone know what the nameservers of the domain was before they took the site down ?

    Cause from what i can see most of IOKON’s stuff is hosted on accounts at hostgator see a traceroute here

  22. johnsmith

    and see John Georges site (evidently also designed developed by IOKON) hosted on the same IP range as IOKON

  23. me

    @Loki –

    we understand that the address is the same on both ComputerCC and IOKON. but the question you didnt answer is this — how did you *know* to check IOKON’s address?

    you said in your post “go to the La. Secretary of State’s website and search for that address you get a company called IOKON, LLC. Wasn’t that easy?” — implying that you cross-checked ComputerCC’s addy and found IOKON. but that *cant be done* on the LA Sec. of State’s website.

    so…how did you make the link from ComputerCC to IOKON? what made it “easy” ?

  24. @me Can’t give away all my techniques, after all while the parties whose names came up in research are aware they have not weighed in. Why should I show them how to cover their tracks. If it is Iokon, which is the way things seem to point, then they should be aware of the trackbacks and other web based mentions of this issue. If not then they are either A) a poor excuse for a “branding” company or B) Preparing a statement.

    Of course there is also the possibility of online shills trying to steer the conversation, a variety of what we call astroturfing. While I am not accusing anyone here of doing so at this point, I would also point out that comments from people with no email address or valid contact info are suspect (yes, even the ones contributing links and research). johnsmith is proving his worth by providing additional research with links to the sources.

    While I have seen some questions about things here I have yet to see anything linkable or verifiable in the way of disproof. I’d also like to point out that this post has had an open invitation to any of the named parties to join in and state their side of things. So far nothing.

    • me

      @Loki – okaaay….then you are basically saying your original blog entry (where you say you did an “easy” cross-check on the LA S.O.S site by addy) was bogus. misdirection to avoid giving away your detective “techniques”.

      no offense, but that isnt cool. it sounds kinda..dubious, really.

      also, suggesting anonymous posters are possible agents of the involved parties is absurd. if you dont want anon posts, disable them.

      im all about transparency when it comes to poltics — seems to me you should be transparent on how youre linking one company to another, rather than lay down sneaky misdirection.

      just sayin…

  25. I think @me is not reading carefully enough. Loki said in a follow-up comment: “I was notified of the connection via a tip so I was searching by company name.” Tips don’t always pan out, but in this case he struck paydirt, so — good work, Loki.

    • mike

      First let me say I have no dog in this fight as I have not heard enough from the candidates to figure out which of them is the best of a bunch of bad options.

      My interest in this blog-line is that claims are made without supporting fact, which frames it as a “conspiracy theory” type blog-line, and political conspiracy theorists always make me curious what the agenda of the claimant is.

      @Editor B and by extension Loki.

      your response to @me is off target, he is stating exactly what I asked, which is “how did the leap of logic come about” that Loki used to connect IOKON and ComputerCC?

      In his blog above, Loki says:

      “Now, if you go to the La. Secretary of State’s website and search for that address you get a company called IOKON, LLC. Wasn’t that easy? [Edit: It seems, from what a number of people on twitter are telling me, that ComputerCC is on public record as the financial backers of Iokon. Cozy. -Loki]”

      This paragraph is what is generating the question, since you cannot search by address on the LA SOS website in the Corporations Database.

      If you notice Loki has already made an “edit” to that paragraph with the statement he is getting “tips” on twitter, which is nifty but it still does not address the question, how did he make the leap of logic?

      Posting way down in the comments that he sees NO reason to reveal his “methods” (that’s me paraphrasing him for brevity) which is sort of a cop out.

      He can simply “edit” his original article to indicate that the original blog and “address” connection was a result of a tip the he looked into, instead of obfuscating it with an edit that states twitter folks are now tipping him to ComputerCC being on “public record” as a backer of IOKON.

      That edit only adds more questions for the following reasons:

      ComputerCC does not claim on their website to be associated with IOKON. (JOHNSMITH has put in some legwork to find that earlier this month the website carried an IOKON Media footer link as late as 11 Dec 2009, which as a source is great to know but does not prove a conspiracy or blame.I do agree that the removal of that link has questionable timing and adds to the suspicions of readers here.)

      As I pointed out earlier IOKON positions part of its business as “incubating” other business and the LA SOS database shows 7 companies associated with Robert Claypool of IOKON.

      Most of them show the Kabel Drive address but that is CLAYPOOL’s business address. That does NOT mean the business necessarily work out of that address. Corporate officers and agents often list their primary work address instead of the physical office of the company they are an agent or officer of. Claypool is an officer or registered agent for several companies so it makes sense he would use the same address for all of them.

      Secondly the Twiiter “tips” of “public records” raise several questions as
      IOKON, and ComputerCC are NOT publicly traded companies. They are not NFP’s, PAC’s or any other type of companies that are required by law to provide financial reporting documents that become “public records”.

      Loki says he does not want to reveal his methods because “they” could cover their tracks (me paraphrasing again).Past public filings cannot be altered (an amended filing can be submitted), so if a “public record” exists that says COMPUTERCC “backs” IOKON financially where is it?

      They could NOT hide the original by filing an amendment to it, so knowing what the “PUBLIC record” is will not help them in this case but would certainly verify the twitter tips mentioned in the edit Loki posted.

      Please don’t get me wrong, I am glad that LOKI is tracking this and that people like JOHNSMITH are putting in the energy and time to find out who actually did this.

      As I have said before no one with an honest point of view or real “facts” should be hiding behind the tactics employed around this parody.

      It is reprehensible to sneakily throw scat at candidates from hiding, for the simple fact that once certain “ideas” make it into the public conscious they can stick no matter how invalid they might be.

      That is dirty politics, and while NOLA is known for its’ bad government, graft, cronyism and race baiting politics it HAS to clean up its act and learn to play in the sunshine instead of backrooms.

      I hope that the authors of the website parody are definitively identified and the actual debate can continue without distractions like this.

  26. Sr. Luncheon

    Oh, and I know this isn’t a huge revelation, but has anyone noticed there was a ‘mitchthemayor’ profile at Humid Beings

    What were “they” going to do with that I wonder? Make comments on their site about other candidates?

  27. Smith

    Seriously, everyone is making way too big a deal of this. It was a humor, satire, whatever you want to call it. It’s the same kind of stuff as Jib Jab. Someone who holds a less than favorable opinion of Mitch (and other candidates) obviously put it together. Go pay attention to real stuff. This is like chasing after a pickpocket when there are murderers all around.

  28. lol

    The real question is why they were trying to pin this on Perry. All’s fair in love and politics but be a man and take responsibility for the dirty tricks.

  29. Smith: The difference is that JibJab puts their name to their videos, and doesn’t yank them down when people start asking questions.

    Whoever did that site and that video spent a lot of time on it, and it just looks odd to have it completely yanked the minute someone says, “Hmm, I wonder who created that?”

  30. Sr. Luncheon

    See! See!… I already posted about this at the Gambit blog. People like Smith saying everyone has there panties in a bunch over the video, “Ya’lls unfit cuz Ya’lls can’t take a joke. Ain’t this ‘Merca! Free speech. 9/11″… when its the fact that the site implicated Perry with its link and the Henry (at least Perry thought so) by omission.

    A political play like that is beyond parody… It is Under Handed, Unfair, and Un-American.

  31. Whatever the initial satire, staging a frame up to blame somebody else is beyond the limit. If this slime job traces back to a mayoral candidate, they should be barred from running.

    I agree with ‘Smith’ that there are , indeed, “murderers all around.”

    None of them, to my current knowledge, however, is running for Mayor of New Orleans.

  32. Sr. Luncheon

    Well I have a question. And I’ll admit it goes down a rabbit hole.

    But I have read on several other blogs that a certain candidate put “Jerry” Jacobs up to confuse voters against Leslie Jacobs. But this post on Humid Beings by Shactus seems to additionally assert, “… the same man who may have offered Cheron Brylski 25K to sit out the race, and/or is allegedly bankrolling the mayoral run of Judge Nadine Ramsey”. here

    That’s the first I’ve heard of this. But I’ve read other assertions to the power and influence of this Palpatine like candidate.

    To wit:
    1) Insert a false candidate to confuse voters against another candidate
    2) Fabricate a website to implicate another candidate and embarrass another one (or two)
    2.1) Influence another candidate to attack another candidate and blame the second candidate for the false site

    So my question: Is this “candidate Galpatine” really this influential? or crooked? or wealthy?

    Also, can some one start a list of all these rumors by candidate so we can lay them all out for examination?

  33. oludumare

    loki – i think the most telling part in all this is IOKON’s deafening silence. i mean this is a company that positions itself as knowing how to handle social media and also politics ( they’ve been directly implicated in some dirty politicking and how do they respond? nothing. nada. they’ve gone dark.

    their political site pollnola arrogantly states this in its mission:
    “We wanted to demonstrate the power of digital media and its ability to influence voters. So far, candidates still don’t get it. We’re waiting on someone to step up to the digital media and marketing plate.”

    and the site’s content would make you think they seemingly have their fingers on the pulse of the mayoral race in new orleans, and yet there’s not one mention of this interesting, relevant item involving the candidate they’re servicing.

    every day that goes by without a response from them seems to imply more guilt. or just total chaos about how to handle and what to say in a forthcoming statement. my guess is they’re hoping it just goes away.

    stay on it! and keep up the good work!

  34. Just FYI, as of Dec. 17 the registration shows:
    Blake Haney
    1115 Thalia Street
    New Orleans, LA 70130
    +1.5043887746 (FAX) +1.5049103023

    The phone number is a cell phone. is actually
    * 329 Julia Street
    * New Orleans, LA 70130
    * 504-208-3882
    * 6223 Woodcrest Drive
    * Ellicott City, MD 21043
    * 410-988-3065
    There’s tons of other useless info, but it appears to be a massive hoax that someone thought was funny. They apparently didn’t realize the only reason anyone is laughing at this campaign is to keep from weeping at the plight of this fair city at the hands of another self-serving, bass-ackwards, dingwall like C-Ray. At least we can be happy about the fact he’s actually going away…right?

    • Sr. Luncheon

      “The Canary Collective” – produces the “Humid Beings” website where I notice “mitchthemayor” has an account

      So I’ve extended my complaint about people complaining about people complaining, and strangling their free speech for some reason, to:

      “Its not just the fact that this “Mitchthemayor” site attacked a candidate or was a parody, but:

      1) It seemed to attribute the site to another candidate
      B) (now my big complaint) If the producers of the “parody” site are also the producers of quote/unquote news and more specifically election news sites, such as Pollnola and Humid Beings, then how can the public be sure the information they receive from these sites is information and not propaganda if these connections are not made public.”

      AND also, I’m pretty sick and tired of people making the argument that “Well, flyers and deliberate rumors have been a part of politics forever.” – You know what. Hey I agree with that.. but I can’t agree that it should have been NOR SHOULD IT NOW BE accepted practice. We now have the tools and technology to prevent it so we should, so we must!

      So I say “Thank you” to all that have been investigating this and keeping this up. I’m sure once it becomes juicy enough TV will pick it up and take the credit… but “F” them… History will be better served by your efforts.

      • We did not develop the Parody site, IOKON did.

        When you search the WhoIs database be sure to double check the domain name you are searching before you publish the results of your “detective” work.

        Easy mistake. No worries.

        • Humidhaney: Do you know that IOKON did it because they told you? Did they give you a heads up before it went live?

          It seems like your Tweet was the first notice of the page? Then again, this kind of stuff spreads quickly.

  35. Captain Sassy

    I’d love to hear Landrieu’s opinion of all of this but, alas, he’s at that four-day “silent retreat” that made attending the Criminal Justice Forum last night impossible. He has plenty of time to think about it, I guess.

    But for someone who loves the city “with the breadth and depth” of his “heart and soul”, I’ve gotta wonder about how in the hell he could choose to miss the Saints-‘Boys game tonight, let alone that forum. POSEUR!

  36. Captain John….what is Haney the registrant of?

  37. Capt John searched the registration information for NOT

    Thanks for the slander. Ha.

    • Sr. Luncheon

      Even more of a reason to be sure about all of this. I personally apologize if it seemed I implicated a wrong party. But I’m sure you can see the damage that can be done by an underhanded move such as that site seemed to pull. It only illustrates the need for trust regarding the creation of these sites.

    • My deepest apologies…no slander intended.
      I didn’t even make the connection with ye…wrong end of a bad illness and lack o’ sleep.

      I stand humbly corrected.

  38. Anyone notice that on the LA Sec State’s return info that Computers Communications and Controls, LLC (ComputerCC) status is listed as inactive?

    Status: Inactive
    Inactive Reason: Voluntary Action
    File Date: 8/23/1999
    Last Report Filed: 8/5/2002
    Type: Limited Liability Company

    At the bottom of the page it lists one amendment on file as being an Affadavit to Dissolve dated 10/23/2006. I don’t know how long it takes the LASoS to update it’s online info so maybe CCC has re-instated itself, but if not can they legally perform work in Louisiana if they dissolved the company three years ago?

  39. OK, I’m confused. (What else is new?)

    Computers Communications and Controls, LLC was registered by Robert Claypool 08/23/99 and dissolved 10/23/06.

    Computer Communications Systems Company, Inc. was registered 04/18/97 and the Secretary of State revoked the license, charter or whatever it was on 08/16/05. This version of the business was the only one NOT registered at the Kabel address, but instead at Claypool’s home address.

    Computers, Communications and Controls, Inc. was registered 04/21/03 and is currently active and operating in good standing.

    It looks as if all three businesses were operating concurrently between 04/21/03 and 08/16/05.

    Iokon, LLC was registered with the State 05/21/09 and is currently active and in good standing.

    The site is stamped all over with Iokon Media but a search tells us that the Georges site is registered to, a Scottsdale, AZ company that registers domain names for people who wish to keep their info private from search sites like whois.

    Interestinger and interestinger…

  40. johnsmith

    not clear if there’s still any need to link the Georges and IOKON as ite mostly pretty obvious but this indeed does it more than anything … look at the header of this CSS file …

  41. johnsmith

    google doesnt lie ….
    see the bottom of ComputerCC’s site in google’s cache,+computercc&cd

    this must be VERY recently removed cause 1 its still in google cache since last they scraped on 11 Dec 2009 21:43:15 GMT. and if you look at computercc’s site now it is devoid of the IOKON tag …

  42. @johnsmith: mitchTHEmayor info can be found through Network Solutions own Whois search on the NS site:

    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Status: redemptionPeriod
    Updated Date: 17-dec-2009
    Creation Date: 08-dec-2009
    Expiration Date: 08-dec-2012

    I decided to visit to see what I could see. They have some stale news about candidates who have announced their intent to run for mayor, including Leslie Jacobs. No word at pollnola about her withdrawal though. And they say that Mitch Landrieu may soon enter the race…

    Anyway, here are some fun facts gleaned through Whois about the candidate weblinks PollNOLA offers:
    registered to Troy Henry, New Orleans
    registered to Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.
    site developed by, David Cohen, Marietta, GA
    registered to Domains By Proxy, Inc, through GoDaddy
    Domain servers in listed order:

    No doubt that reinforces the alleged Perry angle somehow.
    registered to Domains By Proxy, Inc, through GoDaddy
    registered to Domains By Proxy, Inc, through GoDaddy
    registered to Domains By Proxy, Inc, through GoDaddy
    developed by Iokon Media
    registered to Domains By Proxy, Inc, through GoDaddy
    developed by Iokon Media

    My questions:
    Is it odd that four of the six candidates linked by PollNOLA use the same registrant as PollNOLA?

    Is it odd that, aside from Twitter feeds sucked directly from the candidates, PollNOLA only has month old news about only six of the twelve candidates?

    Is it a conflict of interest for a company to develop one candidates website while simultaneously publishing a site that contains selective stories about other candidates?

    While mulling these questions over, remember that PollNOLA does not tout itself as a fair and balanced guide to the candidates, but as a site “to teach New Orleans politicos how important it is to utilize the tools they have widely available to them from some great local digital media companies.” No doubt referring to Iokon themselves. None of the digital media companies followed by PN have local roots. (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, FeedBurner and LinkedIn.)

    Of the three talking points in PollNOLA’s Mission Statement, the third is the most telling:

    // Publicity //
    We’re shameless attention hounds, and we’re really good at what we do. What better way to get in the lime light than to create it?

  43. johnsmith

    the domain control name servers are what the site points to now …. i betcha that was not where it was pointing when the site was live … is a name server hostname used by godaddy usually to indicate a simple parked page … does anyone know of any tools that caches dns info for lengths of time to provide an archive of the information?

    • mike


      when I first twigged on this blog-line, I checked out the site and did an NSLOOKUP for the site, it was registered then on the NS25 and NS26 servers.

      experience tells me that your conclusion is incorrect that godaddy uses those servers primarily for “parked domains”.

      Specifically, hosts the records for 65,608 domains. In that hosting list are ESTAMPS.COM and TERRASERVER.NET, both of which are very active live domains.

      you can search the list yourself at:

      Please note that this does NOT mean there are NOT parked domains on the NS25 and NS26 servers it just shows that your suspicion may be incorrect.

  44. Ah. I’m not up on all the techno mumbo-jumbo, but if someone visited the site while it was up, could they find that info by looking at the source code of the page?

  45. johnsmith

    coincidence or ….. do a search here for the domain

    you will find also in this list (also reportedly an IOKON project)

    they both resolve to

    Found that cause i did a random check once i got to the page for any thing with nola on the page by just doing a ctrl+F for nola on the page ….

    SO again … they either have some weird hostgator VPS account that picks an available hostname on an as needed basis or they are just getting shared accounts at hostgator which just get put on what everhost name is available at the time.

    *If* the latter is the the case its rather odd and seemingly *cheap* that an actual web shop w0uld put their clients on a hostgator shared server ….

  46. johnsmith

    @M Styborski no it woudn’t be in the page source code …. there would have to be some sort of tool that we would need to check that would show a dns info cache archive

  47. Funny you mention WordCamp, just ran across that myself.

  48. johnsmith

    @M Styborski something important to note tho about your dns info find there is the “updated date” … December 17th … which means the dns was switched changed or updated last on the 17th … which means to me that …

    1) before then it was pointing to the actual host more than likely
    2) all this bad press rolled out on the 17th
    3) they updated the dns on the 17th to point the name away from the host taking the site down.

    • mike

      The Updated entry in the registrant record reflects almost every change you can make to a dns record, including taking the site down. drawing any conclusion from that entry has little value since we know that page went down on the 17th so speculating the it might be an NS change does nothing to advance the discussion

  49. lists on their 12/10 report, but on, not ( ) is registered to Network Solutions, LLC but in Herndon, VA, not Drums, PA. I don’t get that. lists on their Dec 10th report. ( ) Their main page offers a Whois search which returns slightly more info, specifically IP addresses:
    Whois Record for
    Domain Name:
    Domain Status: Registered
    Created: 2009-12-08
    Expires: 2012-12-08
    Updated: 2009-12-17
    Registrar Status: redemptionPeriod
    Name Server: ( (

    Now search for at DD:
    Whois Record for
    Domain Name:
    Domain Status: Registered
    Created: 2009-10-22
    Expires: 2010-10-22
    Updated: 2009-10-22
    ICANN Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
    Registrar Status: clientDeleteProhibited
    Name Server: ( (

    And then James Perry’s website comes in at: ( (

    The IP’s for Troy Henry and John Georges are not even close.

    Mighty similar, yes? I don’t know how to read IP addresses and the similarities may simply be coincidence but aside from the NS# and the last 4-bit # they are the same. Searching the Name Servers at InterNIC returns Wild West Domains, Inc., a Scottsdale AZ domain name reseller. Wait… Scottsdale? I wonder if Arizona has a Secretary of State?

    Of course they do! And I found the following:
    Domestic Address
    14455 N HAYDEN RD #219
    SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85260

    That address houses the offices of, Inc., The GoDaddy Group, Wild West Domains, Inc., and Domains By Proxy, Inc. We’re through the looking glass here, people! Clearly GoDaddy is trying to upset our fragile political apple-cart in some nefarious scheme to take over our fair city!!

    OK, more frittering around shows that both ComputerCC and PollNOLA share the exact same IP numbers: ( ( (

    So the other similarities are probably just coincidence after all. Oh well.

    But don’t blame me this February when your catching beads from the Krewe of GoDaddy!

  50. @mike:

    Recheck the registrants address and phone number under technical contact for your research. That address, P.O. Box 459. Drums, PA 18222 570-708-8760 rolls back to a scam marketing firm. Doing some reverse searches you find that phone number attached to a couple dozen scam/spam/porn sites using that phone number and addresses in Herndon, VA, Tuscon, Az, Redmond, Washington and oddly one in Tokyo, JP.

    Actually, that’s probably because Network Solutions manages over six-and-a-half-million registered domain names. I’m guessing at least one or two of those are scam sites, eh? While NS can be accused of shady practices, (check out their Wikipedia entry,) they are certainly not the scam/spam/porn guys you found in your search. In 1993 the National Science Foundation privatized the InterNIC domain registry and contracted NS to administer it. If you wanted web real estate, you went through NS to get it.

    OK, so they really are scam artists. :)

    Jokes aside, that phone number probably connects to a call center in Drums and the address is more than likely used for disputes between individuals and owners of sites registered with NS, hence the Attn: / c/o designations. Their offices are actually located in Herndon, VA. The other towns listed are probably satellite offices. Redmond and Tokyo make sense since Japan and Redmond are both hubs for computing technology. Tuscon I don’t get unless they want to be close to GoDaddy for some CorpEsp or an impending takeover bid.

  51. Hey, I just searched for mitchTHEmayor and there’s a link to the site. Did you know Google caches websites? This is from Dec 17, 2009 19:04:16 GMT. The spiffy graphics are gone as is the video, but you can still check it out at:

  52. As the fake site is down, and as I’m not a Louisiana resident, it’s moot for me to add anything short of a tidbit from the Massachusetts Senate primary election this month that included a parody website/twitter account for Wack E. Robinson, trying to dissuade would-be voters for Jack E. Robinson. Ultimately, Jack opted to sue Wack. See

  53. oludumare

    interesting: iokon’s pulled the blog from their mayoral race site:

    it was there before the mitchthemayor mess. i wonder why they took it down?

  54. Maybe because there hadn’t been any posts in the last three weeks?


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