Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm: The Amazing, Disappearing Mitch Landrieu Website

Dec 17, 2009 by

I had a very interesting thing happen this morning. Someone sent me a link to a hilarious website satirizing Mitch Landrieu’s run for Mayor. Almost good enough for The Levee it included a YouTube video announcement “from Mitch” complete with Howdy Doody style puppet mouth and everything. The words “Dynasty” and “Entitlement”  were bandied about a lot as well.

Now I love stuff like this, as a NOLA native I adore satire, it’s bred into us. What I find interesting is that within hours of discovering this site it was yanked down. So was the associated YouTube and Twitter accounts. From to all of the internet outposts have been deleted or removed.Loks like someone sent an awful lot of money on somthing that lasted a mere few hours.

Before they evaporated one of my fellow bloggers noticed that the contact info went straight to James Perry’s campaign people. It was a great piece of humor, but nowhere was it obviously branded as part of Perry’s campaign or as a real political message. If this is actually part of Perry’s efforts I have three comments for him: Not cool. Not smart. Not transparent. Of course Mr. Perry has already issued a statement on his website blaming it on Troy Henry, another contestant on the Great New Orleans Mayoral Go-Round.

So why did it go up? Why did it get yanked? Who is stupid enough to think that a city as heavy on bloggers as NOLA is would not instantly become aware of it coming online? Mr. Perry, you pride yourself on being online all the time, here is your opportunity to show you understand social media, join the conversation. Troy Henry, you are also invited to comment here. Come on guys, meet your public, inquiring minds want to know…

Here is a screencap of the WhoIS search on the domain (public info)


-Loki, Founder and Curator of HumidCity

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