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Dec 22, 2009 by

I don’t have access to his Facebook, but someone else I know does and is absolutely appalled at what happened.

On my way to hospital. I was beat up by 9 guys. I took a lot of head injuries. Punks were spray-painting graffiti on stores, so I told a security guard and they ran. Then they jumped out from behind a car and beat me for a full 2 minutes. The punks didn’t hold back. They meant to maim me. It took the police 10 minutes …to get there as I laid in the street bleeding. I coulda been killed EASY.

Ride of Two Fires Hamilton is more than just some character in Heart Like Water. He has been doing his best to document on film nearly everything that is going on here. He’s come to a few Rising Tide conferences and has had one of his films shown at Rising Tide 2.

photo by Maitri

The man is now hurting badly from his injuries and is short on funds.

Spare what you can this holiday season. There is a PayPal link through his email that should help get the funds there: [email protected] Contribute what you can to help him through this terrible attack.

Update, 12-22: Way to contribute: Log in to your PayPal account, click on the “Send Money” option, and enter in the [email protected] email address to transfer the money to Ride. Wishing him r’fuah shleimah (healing and health) this holiday.


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