The Experiment Is Over

Jan 21, 2010 by

Recent downturns in the HumidCity portfolio necessitated a cutting back on spending. In the hopes of saving money while still delivering up-to-the-minute content, HumidCity founder Loki experimented with alternative content delivery systems. Unfortunately the results fell short of expectations, causing database errors on HumidCity, CincyVoices and SocialGumbo and creating a minor panic for the ten minutes that the sites were dark.

“Well, I had some spare equipment I thought would be up to the task of delivering content at a reduced cost,” said Loki, “but there were some minor connectivity issues.”

Loki says his attempt to link two TRS80’s, a TI99/4a and an Atari 800 was not a complete disaster though.

“The linking went well enough once we retrofitted some phone cords, but we now know that the 300 baud Atari 830 Accoustic Couple modem has connectivity issues with our i-Phone. Initially we hoped we could bridge the gaps with some string and tin cans but that proved an unworkable solution.”

For the near future, Loki is returning his online content to his previous servers and will be downsizing his meals instead.

Says Loki, “You’d be amazed how far you can stretch a bratwurst.”

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