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Jan 29, 2010 by

As our city infrastructure crumbles around us, Mayor Nagin still has not received the Superbowl tickets he feels should be his by divine right. According to the mayor, in an interview on WBOZ radio, he has all the tickets he needs, plane, hotel, etc, but not actual game tickets.

According to C Ray: “I just thought …that as mayor of the city, I would go to the (Super Bowl) as a representative of the city and of the Saints, and it wouldn’t be an issue…” A representative of the Saints?

Mayoral spokesman Terry Davis says the mayor will bill his trip to Miami, to the City of New Orleans as a business expense, as usual.

Governor Bobby Jindal already has his tickets, purchased through the Saints and all his expenses will be paid for from his campaign fund at no cost to the taxpayers.

More info here.

-M Styborski

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