Loki In The Sky (With Saints Drag)

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Tomorrow, dear reader, your working boy will be attending what looks to be the largest gathering of cross-dressing males New Orleans has ever seen. The Buddy & Bobby’s Brawds Bunch-Of-Men Dress Parade kicks off at noon, at Gate A of the Superdome, and will wind its way through the streets of New Orleans terminating at the Oceana Grill in the 700 block of Conti where a special Sunday edition of WWL radio’s SportsTalk live will air at 2pm. The parade will be led by Bobby Hebert who promised to make good on the late Buddy Diliberto’s vow to wear a dress down Canal Street if the Saints ever made it to the Superbowl.

Apparently a lot of bets are being paid off this year with the Saints first appearance in the Superbowl. From cash to expensive bottles of alcohol to cross-dressing, the Bet That Will Never Be Paid has turned into a very profitable wager for the Faithful. Perennially a 100-1 dog, (or worse,) the odds at the start of the 2009 season for the Saints to get to the Big Dance were between 10-1 and  4-1. And it was a great bet for 43 years. If the Saints made it, you got paid; if they didn’t, you didn’t lose anything. You can’t find better odds than that! Even people who don’t like sports got sucked into the action – case in point: our own Loki.

In 2006, at the second New Orleans Geek Dinner, Loki and Ashley Morris met for the first time.

“He was astounded that I did not like sports and even more so that I did not like the Saints,” says Loki. “It may have to do with the fact that I spent a majority of my early years in leg braces or in a wheelchair. I was not the athletic type, and being an avid reader was usually ripe target for the jocks in class. I think that it was becoming aware of the bread and circuses aspect of it that engendered my distaste even more as an adult. ”

Athletic differences aside, Ashley and Loki bonded and some months later a short addendum appeared at the end of a HumidCity post:

“OFF TOPIC, GO SAINTS!: Let me start by saying that I am a rarity, an American male who cannot stand football. Keep that in mind. Now even I cannot miss the fact that the Saints have one more game to go in order to make it to the SuperBowl, if they make it I will watch my first SuperBowl ever! Not only that, but I will also go so far as to state (are you listening, Ashley? Rachel G? Oyster?) that if someone provides the garb I will do so wearing a Saints Cheerleaders outfit. Something this momentous deserves some spectacle, don’t you think? If it comes to pass I will make sure that incriminating photography is arranged. Uh… (cannot believe I am saying this) Go Saints!”

Of course that was the year the Bears covered us in snow, humiliation and bad manners. Still, as a Saints Superbowl bet it automatically fell into the “open-ended” category. When he moved to Cincinnati, I joked that rumor had it he was just trying to escape the bet, but Loki vehemently denied this.

“Only people who do not know me took those rumors seriously.”

Well, I can attest that Loki is a man of his word and word travels fast on the web. Soon Cincinnati was filled with Saints fans by proxy, all hoping to see Loki in cheerleader drag. One studio was hoping to custom design the outfit but it looks as if time will not permit so Loki has been searching the web for something appropriate.

“So far I can’t find anything bigger than a childs size 14 so if anyone out there can hook me up, it would be greatly appreciated!” Anyone with the goods can leave a comment below and Loki will contact you.

Loki has promised that photos and/or video will be posted to HumidCity and possibly CincyVoices to commemorate this horrific, uh, I mean terrific event… so start searching through your closets and make this happen!

-M Styborski

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