Bumper Sticker Slogans That Are Guaranteed to Work (for the Five Major Mayoral Canidates)

Jan 31, 2010 by

Mitch Landrieu: How’d That Last Election Work Out For Y’all?

Nadine Ramsey: Endorsed by Ya Mama A’Nem Since Way Back When

James Perry: Sanity, Sincerity, Intelligence: Don’t Knock It Till You Tried It.

Troy Henry: Because it Takes Five Legs To Make a Stool.

John Georges. This Isn’t About You. The Candidate with the Most Signs Gets to Win. I Have the Most Signs. I Win.

Rob Couhig: Vote For Me Or I Swear to Christ I Will Endorse Ray Nagin Again and Make Your Life a Living Hell.


You’re welcome.

– Louis Maistros


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