The Great SuperBowl River City Crossover

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I’m sitting in Cincinnati watching the snow pile up outside. It feels perfectly appropriate since the Saints are going to their first SuperBowl in history. Satan is skating to work through a frozen hell-scape today! The excitement gripping New Orleans is so intense I can physically feel it up here in Cincy, and I can’t stand football!

It’s hard to get across what things are like back in NOLA to many of the people up here. This is not a slam, not at all! There is a lot of genuine support for the Saints even here right next to Colts territory. There is just no frame of reference for my new neighbors as far as both what this means to the Crescent City and just how outlandishly we embrace the attendant revelry, especially after the past four and a half years since New Orleans was 80% destroyed by the levee failure that followed Hurricane Katrina. After hosting 9 SuperBowls the Saints finally get to play their first one! It’s a moment that crosses all socioeconomic boundaries, all ethnicity, all political divides. There are only black and gold people in the city now no matter what shade their complexion may be.

Rachel Maddow did a great show last night from down in the French Quarter and some of the scenes she showed illustrate exactly how wonderful and crazy things are right now. Check it out! [The Rachel Maddeux Sheaux]

There, that should help those not in or of New Orleans to understand. But why am I posting this on CincyVoices and on HumidCity you ask? Because I will always be a New Orleanian, just as I will always try to embrace and be a part of my new home here in Cincy. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have an outpost of “Who Dat” in “Who Dey” land. (BTW, I hate to break it my Cincy people, but Who Dat predates Who Dey by a long, long time. Since the 1800s in fact. )

So this is a heads up for all of you in both cities: tomorrow we will be sharing some absurdity with all of you. As has been documented, I have a long standing “bet that will never have to get paid” about the Saints. One which I now have to pay up on. I’ll be watching the game tomorrow, my first willing football game, and I will be doing so in a Saints cheerleader outfit. Not only that, but thanks to my colleague Bastlynn who found it online, I will be doing so in an authentic cheerleader’s uniform worn by a real Saints cheerleader in the 1970s. Yes it will be blogged.

For the amusement of our readers in both cities I’ll be cross-posting it to both HumidCity and CincyVoices so thateveyone can get  a good laugh. I’d like to invite our New Orleans WhoDats to leave us some comments in the Cincy Site and vice versa. There are lots of great people in each scene and I think the discussions that could ignite would be a blast!

One last thing. Since it is Carnival season right now I’d also like to mention a Carnival oriented event I stumbled across up here in Cincy called Krewe. Yes, they spelled it right. These folks do a Mardi Gras party that is a fund raiser for local charities, I’ve meet one of the organizers and I’ve got a lot of respect for what they’re doing and how they’re going about it. If you’re reading this in Cincy check it out, it’s a good party for a good cause. If you’re reading this in New Orleans throw em a few words of support. [Krewe by the Bacchanalian Society]

Bringing a little New Orleans to Northside Cincy-  Who Dat!

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-Loki, HumidCity/CincyVoices Founder

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