This One is for Ashley Morris, Who Dat!

Feb 9, 2010 by

In the months after the levee failure I made the acquaintance of the late, great Ashley Morris. During that fateful first meeting I stated that if the Saints ever made it to the SuperBowl I would watch the game. Not only that but I would do so in a Saints cheerleader’s outfit. Even that first year after the storm with the Saints winning consistently it seemed a safe bet.

Well, as the Who Dat nation scattered across the US can attest, they not only went to the SuperBowl but have come home victorious. This team has set many new records and has returned to the Crescent City enshrined as heroes of epic caliber. Which, of course means I need to go an extra yard or ten.

Since I’m currently living in Cincinnati it was bloody cold here. Being less tropically blooded the locals do not generally keep their houses warm, at least not by my standards. Especially when its 10 degrees outside. Think snow. Inches of snow.

This, as you may imagine was a problem. As is usual for cheer leading uniforms is was not big on coverage. As a middle ground I put it on with some black thermals on underneath. Not very satisfying, I know. (shut up adrastos, keep reading).


In honor of the impossibilities that have become fact, for the flying pigs, for the honest lawyers, for the abyssmally absurd that is integral to the current Mardi Gras season I have decided the following:

Better pics will be taken and posted. From Mardi Gras. As long as we don’t get snowed in at the airport I’ll be arriving in NOLA with the uniform in hand. I’m sure I can find someplace to wear it.  Maybe Muses, maybe MOMs Ball. You’ll just have to wait and see.

-Loki, HumidCity Founder

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