Almost Valentines Day

Feb 12, 2010 by

Valentines Day.  Its Sunday. Weird hu? So here’s the thing…I haven’t posted in two weeks. So you might be tempted to think I have nothing to say, or that I was licking my wounds from the last post. But that’s not the case (well, the last one a little bit – but I’ll be alright). The fact is there’s too much to say. The din of the last two weeks wouldn’t even allow me to isolate a thought enough to express it. Superbowl, Superbowl parade, carnival, muses ball, etc. Its all a swirling rush. Hell, I’m actually supposed to be rolling in Muses with the Rolling Elvi right this minute, but it was just too cold for me. What can I say, we’re not the Rolling Chuck Norris’ so I don’t have to be tough. Anyone that’s lived here or possibly even just visited will recognize this frantic, every minute is occupied by either preparing, doing or recovering from something. Its like a sensory overload. Which brings me back to Valentines Day. It snuck up on me. And in the context of all that’s been going on it would be easy to consider it trivial. But its really not.

I know a lot of people that say its a “greeting card holiday” and the culmination of some conspiracy to extort money from the entire population in one day on frivolous crap. And let’s be honest, it probably is. Still, this year, for me at least, its a reminder. You have to stop sometimes and make sure you’re head is on straight. So here’s my take on Valentine’s Day from here on out:

Its an opportunity to pause in your busy, busy life, and make sure that the people in your life know that you love them. I’m not condoning cards, or any of that – there’s an entire industry trying to get you to do all that. I mean quietly to yourself. Just to stop and think about it and make sure you’re not taking anyone for granted.; that everyone who should know that you love them knows, and to be grateful for a moment or two for all the people that show you love in small, less contrived ways all year. Because let’s face it; sometimes we don’t deserve it and they love us anyway. And that’s pretty nice of them.

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