The Shadow Knows….

Mar 3, 2010 by

There’s been a lot of good writing about the “Shadow Government” drivel that The mayor and Chief Wiggum have been selling all around town. So I’m not going to make this a long post; I just wanted to throw in my little $0.02 and give everyone an excuse to do the same.

By declaring that some unknown, unnamed, entity is undermining their work on behalf of the city, we learn something very interesting about the two people saying it: they’re conspiracy theorists. I like a good conspiracy theory as much as the next person, but they tend to not stand up very well against any kind of critical thinking and testing. For one, proof is often sort of abstract. But you are dealing with a very God-fearing populace here in New Orleans – this is especially true amongst the poor. If there’s one thing I know about religious people, its that they don’t require proof to substantiate claims. So based on that, I believe some people are actually nodding and agreeing with them. More interesting, and frightening, is that this is in perfect keeping in this administration’s policy of divisiveness.

All this administration is constructing is a premise: There are people keeping us from being successful. And they’re begging the question: Who do you think those people are? The usual suspects: The Whites? The Jews? The Muslims? The Hispanics?, etc,etc, etc. I don’t know what you’ll answer for yourself in response to this question – but I know what you won’t answer – you will not think it is a group you belong to in any way. Because in your mind you’re the good guys. And you may be thinking, well, if I don’t help to define who the shadow government is, then I might be wrongly accused of being it.

Its as genius as a strategy as it is crazy.

Oh, and as for me, I decided using Occam’s Razor: If it looks like two dim witted, incompetent, paranoid reactionaries who’ve run out of time and credibility enough to excuse their flagrantly obvious failures are saying something tantamount to ‘Bigfoot is in area 51 building landing strips for terrorist aliens’ to distract the populace while they toss money into big dollar sign bags, cartoon-style, on the way out of office, well, then that’s probably what it is.

What do you think?

Jack Ware

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