Dogs and Chaplains

Mar 19, 2010 by

Drunks and children they tell the truth

I was going to write about the Parasol’s St. Patrick’s Day block party. But when I started outlining it in my head I realized, although a festive event, and a good time, there wasn’t anything all that unique about it. Getting drunk in New Orleans with a big group of people? yeah. It was fun, sure, but it was just hard to get excited in writing about it. It seemed like the kind of post that would come across as that Monday morning high school locker conversation that always starts out, “Dude, I got soooo drunk…” and ultimately, the thesis is all there is to say about it.

So that’s that.

However, I did run across something that is fun and interesting. Nola City Bark. The good people at City Park are creating an honest to goodness Dog Park. It looks like it’s $35 for the year, which seems a little steep in my mind but then, I’m spoiled since I live uptown. Uptown, New Orleans is the most dog friendly places I’ve ever lived. Everyone has a dog it seems. You see dogs with their owners outside restaurants, coffee shops, walking the streets, etc. Hell, it isn’t unusual to see dogs lying on the floor of the bar while the owner shoots a game of pool. Why would I pay $35 to take my dog to the park when I can take her to the levee at the end of magazine Street to run and play off her leash? And I can walk her around Audubon Park on a leash as well. But see, that’s the thing, I will take her up there at least a few times. For one, to check it out, and for another to support the idea. But even without my support I think it would do well. I just happen live in a little microcosm of dog friendliness but there are many many more people who don’t. Besides, its another reason to go to the park and you can never have too many of those.

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