Second Line In Yo’ FACE, SRLC

Apr 7, 2010 by

In a perfect world, you want this kind of thing to have some sort of effect, especially when the flyers look as stylin’ as they do….

Join the (Southern Republican Leadership Conference) Welcoming Committee, some of New Orleans’ finest brass bands and a whole lot of pissed-off, high-stepping citizenry on Friday, April 9, as we let the SRLC know what we think of Jindal’s efforts to dismantle public education, healthcare, and other Louisiana public services. Under the bright lights, let’s give Jindal and all his GOP cronies– Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum et al.– the big loud New Orleans welcome they deserve.

Our message is clear: Stop gutting our public schools and universities, stop destroying access to health care, re-open Charity Hospital!

I can’t tell you how much I’d love to have Bobby Jindal suddenly fall to his knees as if struck by lightning, then rise again, having shaken off his devils with the help of the masses of people dancing their asses off to the sounds of the Stooges and the Free Agents, and suddenly proclaim that he is no longer going to slice funding for health care and education, and that, since the corporations have been turning our coast into Swiss cheese, it’s time for them to give some back to this state, in the forms of mucho dinero to our coffers and the restoration of our wetlands and barrier islands.

Hallelujah! Shake that thang, Guv’nor!

It ain’t gonna happen.

First off, the SRLC was kinda clever about when they scheduled their shindig. If the Stooges were the only musical game in town this weekend, you’d probably get loads of folks coming out to Lafayette Square wearing their “I Can See Russia From The French Quarter” t-shirts and strutting their stuff all through town for all those of the pachyderm persuasion…but there’s the French Quarter Fest to contend with there. I hope there’s a movement to get most of the musicians during the FQF to tell any stray right-wingers who decide to check out their acts that if the privatization of schools alone continues, then the first things to go are usually the arts programs.

Which brings me to the other reason why a second line won’t change PBJ’s mind…too many folks on the right think culture is expendable. If they had any clue concerning the mores and practices of people who don’t subscribe to their views, they might think twice about some of the things they do in the name of moral righteousness…like, say, keeping the wars going Afghanistan and Iraq, or arguing that passing health care reform will be the worst thing to happen to us all since “the Great War of Yankee Aggression“. There’s also the fact that the power of wielding the budget scalpel corrupts, as recent shenanigans involving the Louisiana attorney general’s office bring that sort of thing into cold, hard relief. So, so nice to blackmail officials into doing what you want by saying you’ll make cuts in their departments if they don’t bend to your will. Oh, yeah.

So I’m not optimistic about the Friday shindig in the Square having any effect that way…

…but as my grandma says, it can’t hurt. And the Stooges are good. So make an effort and wear your dancing shoes.


Update, 4/8: Another reason to second line? Not only did Bobby Jindal close the New Orleans Adolescent Hospital down by Children’s Hospital, he’s also cut the mental health facility in Mandeville that was supposed to replace NOAH. Welcome to Crazy Town, governor. Watch your ass.

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