We’re A HIT!

Apr 12, 2010 by

Due to the success of last night’s premiere of ‘Treme‘ on HBO, Tour buses have been scheduled for regular routing.

The first one to arrive in the Marigny, however, was stopped in the first block by a rapidly forming brass, drum & fiddle corps, breaking into song as the Tour Bus ground to a halt.

A pair of two story bicyclists then snatched the driver out of the bus and dragged the driver into a nearby bar. He was last seen naked, asleep on the pool table.

The passengers all left by United Cab, (only five passengers per cab, please) paying the full airport fare in cash up front. The Tour Bus remains, and may now be home to as many as three families, but it’s impossible to tell. The entire bus is covered in glitter and feather boas.

More on this as the story breaks….

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