Yes, it’s ironic

Apr 15, 2010 by

…but you know things have gotten pretty bad once again around here when the guys who play a violent game start calling for an end to the violence here on the streets. And it ain’t just Drew Brees we’re talking about here:

A lengthy discussion follows with the folks Jenkins follows on Twitter about this subject.  He calls on them all to do something about change if you want to see it and not to just accept the way things are and shake your head over it.

I can only hope Jenkins follows his own advice, as it’s getting more difficult for us regular folks to get outside of our lives to help like my friend Cliff is trying to do…but we do our best anyway.  There’s only so much a possible DOJ takeover of the NOPD and a new mayor can do….and we can’t be saved by a TV show or another Super Bowl win.  We need everybody.  Everybody.


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