scarecrow, i think i’ll miss you most of all.

Apr 20, 2010 by

This morning the city’s website was shut off for non payment. This afternoon it came back on just in time to unveil Mayor Nagin’s official portrait.

The caption reads, in part: “Mayor Nagin’s one-of-a-kind portrait reflects the distinct legacy he will leave in history.”

That sounds about right.

It’s these moments of surreal irony that I will miss the most. Other mayors may have been more competent or more honest or more hard working or more, well, more of the good stuff — but none will be funnier than you, Dear Sea-Ray.

 Fare thee well, old friend.


Louis Maistros

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  1. “Inside the portrait, painted by Mr. Newt Reynolds, two symbols emerge from a shadowy background. A hurricane graphic, representing Hurricane Katrina, and an image of the Lombardi trophy, symbolizing the Saints first-ever Super Bowl victory, signify the challenges and difficult times as well as the unity and resiliency of New Orleanians.”

    Interesting how the copy writer managed to work in “shadowy background,” however I dispute the symbolic inclusions as Ray Nagin had about as much to to with Hurricane Katrina as he did with the Saints Superbowl victory.

    Good riddance, Roy, you will not be missed.

  2. The implied symbolism of imaginary accomplishments is what’s shady about the background, of course. It’s all done in code.

    The legacy is this: Never failing to make a bad situation worse, and taking credit for things he didn’t have anything to do with. Also, chiseling the residents for every last dime when we all could least afford it. That one was a doozey. I always called it the Road Out Program.

    In fairness, I do like the new trash cans.

    I think his houswarming gift to the new mayor has a certain comedic flair to it: A city literally full of holes.

    Our boy Ray sure did do a lot of damage. No lie. May 3 is almost here. Liberation day. Bad riddance to grand rubbish.

  3. Seriously, I could just puke.

  4. No shame, LD. We’ve all earned ourselves a good puke for surviving that second term, especially. It is our birthright. Puke on, puke hard, puke proud.

  5. Wow. May 3rd? Really? Then Criswell Predicts…!

    New Orleans has had two huge floods in the past, years apart, and both were on May 3rd. I think there will be another May 3rd flood on the day Roy Nagin leaves office due to the tears of joy we’ll all be crying!

  6. Ellessyou

    That is not a painting of C. Ray Noggin, that is a painting of Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward.

  7. My bad. It’s May 31st, not May 3rd. Hang in there.

    Ellessyou, yes, they broadened his shoulders, shrunk his head, and widened his jaw. Quite the make over. None of it justifies the presence of the Lombardi Trophy in the lower right of the image, though.

  8. Okay, seriously.
    I’m gagging, here.

  9. @Eless: Bwah-hah-hah-hah-hah! But seriously… stop cheapening my Hines!!

    @LD: Yeah, heard he came in 11th from the bottom. I guess he paid someone off to raise his ranking, lol.

  10. LD: gag on, you crazy diamond.

  11. That portrait is comically bad…the trophy is in poor taste, but the hurricane is about right – C. Rat did more to damage NO & LA than Katrina, Rita, and Gustav combined.
    Mayor Mitch has his work cut out for him – a mess to clean up, his Daddies shoes to dust off and a lot o’ folks watching him under a really big magnifying glass! Here’s hoping he’s up to the task; as a Louisiana lad at least we know he can take the heat…

  12. Cap’n, I have high hopes for Mitch, too. And yeah, Hurricane Ray might be a good nickname if it didn’t sound so cool.

  13. i’m a bit behind in my nola reading..
    oh my, this is priceless:

    Bwah ha ha ha….

  14. Termite: look away, look away!

    That is a pretty neat photo. He is either the tallest drink of water in the room or he is levitiating slightly.

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