Please wake me up before I start screaming…

Apr 26, 2010 by

I voted for Mitch Landrieu.

My belief was that he would be a fairly straight shooter, perhaps a little clerkish, but a guy we could trust. His record of bringing entertainment dollars and tourism to Louisiana spoke to the artist & musician in me, I admit. I had high hopes, Mitch. High hopes, indeed.

Above all, I really wanted to believe that he would take serious steps towards cleaning up our mired NOPD.

The T-P reports today that Ronal Serpas is one of the finalists for Police Superintendent of the City of New Orleans. Please, somebody, pinch me and wake me up, before I start screaming uncontrollably.

Not only does Serpas’ family have alleged ties to the Landrieus (both families are New Orleanian for generations, so it stands to reason), but Ronal Serpas is Ex-NOPD.
He also has been seriously accused of maintaining the ‘blue line’ in his tenure as Chief of Police in Nashville, going so far as claims that he hid or altered evidence and coached officers to perjure themselves, in a case where white officers are accused of mistreating minority children at a 2007 Fraternal Order of Police Youth Camp for Less Fortunate Children.

Maybe the Landrieu & Serpas families only met at a Bar-B-Q once or twice.

Maybe Mitch isn’t just reaching out to the Good Ole Boy Network of People He Knows Will Do As They’re Told.

Maybe the accusations are entirely false and an entire family spent everything they had on nonsense, just to make Ronal Serpas look bad.

As the First Big Thing that Mitch does, and possibly The Most Important Thing that happens as he takes office, the mere cloud of such obvious impropriety is enough to make me gag. Even Ray Nagin didn’t make such obvious gaffs in public trust for the first few months.

So I haven’t woken up yet.
And I feel a scream coming on.
And even if this guy isn’t our next police chief, I’m done.
I voted for you once, Mitch.
You won’t get another chance from me.
You’ve already lost my confidence, and it’s too dear to trust to this kind of bullshit anymore. The ride is broken, and no matter how far your hands are inside the roller coaster car, it’s going the wrong way already.

I want my money back.
And the Federal Government taking over our crooked fucking NOPD.

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