Nagin, World Differ on Definition of Recovery

May 2, 2010 by

While C Ray Nagin beats his own drum and calls his time in office a success, area locals have a different viewpoint and it seems others are beginning to notice his lack of leadership and competence. An AP Report released just hours ago compares New Orleans recovery to that of St Bernard and Plaquemines Parishes in regard to city-owned properties.

Plaquemines Parish owns 222 damaged properties of which 55% are now rebuilt or near completion. St Bernard owns 190 damaged properties 87% of which have reopened or are near completion. By contrast, New Orleans owns 283 damaged properties of which only 7% are completed or under construction. That’s 19.81 buildings.

Ray Nagin keeps pointing at the Vieux Carré and downtown areas as representations of his handiwork, but in reality he had absolutely nothing to do with that. Businesses in those areas fixed their own problems. He claims an 80% population return but only about 60% of my pre-K family and friends are still here and I’m sure it’s similar for others. Nagin claims that young professionals are moving to New Orleans in droves. The only new young professionals I’ve met are the ones trying to climb in the back of my truck as I leave Home Depot.

In nearly every interview Nagin has given this past week he mentions that the “proof is in the pudding.” What he fails to mention is that the pudding is in his head.

Kudos to Renae Friedley for the heads-up on the article!

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