A Case of History Repeating…

May 4, 2010 by

I remember a time when people, everywhere, were outraged.

They couldn’t believe their government was involved in questionable political activity, extended wars in distant lands and the rape of the Earth.

A conservatism swept the land, and everyday normal Americans were persecuted for their beliefs in non-religious spiritualism, non-traditional relationships, pacifism.

Students rose up to peacefully protest these oppressions and restrictions of their Freedom.

It was 40 years ago today, that President Nixon had sent the National Guard to Kent State University, to put a stop to ‘instigation’ against the War in Vietnam, particularly, the protest against the illegal invasion of Cambodia, and four unarmed students lost their lives to the gunfire of those Guardsmen.

Please, take a moment to remember them.

Remember what they stood for; Peaceful Demonstration and the Right to Assembly, people of the Greatest Nation on Earth coming together to keep it that way, unarmed civilians, standing together against a Tyrant who would steer our country to a dark and horrible place.

Those same forces are at work around us now.
Those that would pillage the very planet we live on, pervert the process of the Free Press, obtain control through armed oppression, discriminate against those who look, think or speak differently than they do.

Please, take a minute of your busy day to Remember the Ohio Four.
They paid the ultimate price for their belief in a peaceful solution, and end to War, a healthy relationship with the Earth, a country able to grow and embrace New Freedoms.

It falls to us now.
All of us.
Not a new beginning, but a continuation of those efforts.
Because those same forces are at work around us now.
Louder than ever.
Speak out, let it be known that oppression of the weak, discrimination against the different, plunder of the planet and the breakdown of justice & constitutional law are not to be tolerated.


Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Ohio

[EDIT: Originally this post referred to Ohio State University rather than Kent State. We all make errors, here on HumidCity we fix them too!  -Loki]

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