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May 16, 2010 by

Our State Bird (Photo provided by Louisiana Department of Wildlife)

This from Rebecca Mowbray at the Times-Picayune today:

 “Although BP didn’t have plans for dealing with an oil spill from a deepwater rig, local wildlife officials were prepared with cages for animal rescues in the event of a spill. 

“‘I’m impressed that there is this level of preparedness,’ Salazar said.”

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar need not be surprised. The people of the gulf stand at the ready to defend their coastal wildlife from corporate thuggery at all times because they have always known there would be a need for it. Meanwhile, the corporate thugs who callously provide such a need, feign surprise at the magnitude of the disaster that they created while knowing full well their own unpreparedness is absent in lieu of any immediate benefit to their bottom line. It is ghastly math in action.

Meanwhile, the fact that the bird-washing devices shown in the video below exist but are not being employed en masse/immediately in the affected areas is further cause for outrage:

Hand washing the birds is better than nothing, but it’s time consuming, traumatic and sometimes lethal for the birds, and unsafe for the volunteers and workers due to the toxicity of the oil.

BP needs to pull out all the stops to save our wildlife, as well as provide a safe environment for our volunteers and clean up crews to work in, and they need to do this without further excuse, delay or finger pointing. If they fail to, the White House needs to step up. Mr. Obama, you can always send BP a bill later – but there is no time for delay in the now.

 If you Twitter, please retweet the living hell out of this message right now:

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God bless our Gulf Coast.

– Louis Maistros


Note: Thanks to Sandra Bauer of Canada for letting Humid City know about these devices. – LM