A Political Slice?

May 21, 2010 by

Since the yaller blogger found it on Magazine Street and took a picture of it with his Droid phone, it has made the rounds of the interwebs, ending up on HuffPo, Salon.com, and the true big time, Cake Wrecks. Yes, it’s that now-infamous BP oil disaster cake, brought to us courtesy of Breaux Mart:

The commenters have weighed in most often at the Cake Wrecks post, and in a few cases, they have been quite vehement in their objections to this cake being anywhere near a site that is supposed to be all, er, sweetness and light in its humor. Exhibit A:

I don’t know, considering this isn’t a wreck, or at least not presented as such, I don’t see what you gained by turning your blog into a forum for political commentary, even if that commentary takes the form of cake. Anyone who uses oil-based products (and that would certainly include anyone who has access to a car, synthetic fiber, modern medicine, a computer, etc.) is a hypocrite for attacking oil companies. If you want to go live in a cave and hunt your own food, make clothes out of animal skins, etc. keep on with the “big oil” bashing. If you actually prefer modern life, understand that without oil companies, we wouldn’t have modern lifestyles. I doubt you will post this, just make sure you read it….

First off is this cake Republican in any way? Democratic? Libertarian? Fascist? Communist? Okay, maybe there’s a touch of Green Party, but not much. The cake depicts a slice of the Louisiana coastline with the oil geyser spew being barely held back by booms. It’s anti-BP and the corporation’s actions and gross negligence more than anything else, but in a darkly humorous way, and, according to the blog’s authors, “It’s not a political anything. It’s a kinda tasteless, kinda funny cake dealing with current events. Jen and I both cringed when we saw it.”

And as for the mini-lecture on how we are all super-dependent on oil, so what did we expect? yeah, sure, we are. For that alone, we all must take responsibility and start getting on our legislators about making the development of alternative fuels and energy sources a priority for this century…but to say we should just grin and bear this disaster because we asked for it?

No, no, and NO.

We did not ask to have BP executives and their engineers go for faster drilling that screwed up one Deepwater Horizon drilling operation and then led to decisions that helped cause the blowout on the second operation. We didn’t invite the oil company to be cavalier with its safety measures and to downright ignore them. We sure as hell don’t want BP to be wrapping the Coast Guard around its little finger and behaving as though the Gulf is their property. At this point in time, oil sustains us, but we don’t have to take the negligence and the downright criminal actions of those entrusted to extract it from the earth with few repercussions on the environment. BP execs and decision makers valued money over safety and are trying to save face in an impossible situation in which they ought to be taking on all the help they can get, but it is instead an elaborate game of CYA by fellows who’ve had their pants blown off.

Want to be angry at anybody in particular? Get angry at BP, who wouldn’t let the Deepwater Horizon survivors off their lifeboats unless they signed forms that helped absolve BP of responsibility for any physical and mental ailments sustained by the failure of a drilling operation that BP financed and made the final decisions on concerning its major operations. Side with Louisiana’s fishermen and women over BP, who had to sign release forms saying they wouldn’t sue BP if they went out and helped clean up the mess the corporation made.

The oil company’s “let them eat cake” attitude is thoroughly abominable.

Let’s hear it for this culinary concoction in their faces.


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