Jackson Square, 1 pm, Sunday, May 30th.

May 24, 2010 by

I’m out of words, out of tears and out of my mind.

Never in my life did I think I’d see the End of the Gulf of Mexico, the End of the Coastal Wetlands of the Gulf, especially Louisiana, and the United States Government ( a Democratic one, at that) backing down as a Multi-National Corporation destroys our wetlands forever.

There are endless articles and posts, pundits and naysayers, whistle blowers and ambulance chasers, all lining up for the Big Showdown, like some demented O.K. Corral.

None of them will stop the oil in the floor of the Gulf from leaking as much as a million gallons a day, by some estimates, or keep that leaked oil from hitting our shores and marshes. In fact, the Death of Plaquemines Parish coastline has already begun.

Please, join us on Sunday, May 30th, in Jackson Square, to raise our collective voice in insisting that the Federal Government take charge of this mess, and force BP to step aside as the presiding authority. They have only their own interests at heart. You’d better believe it. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t pay for it.

US law allows this. Read about it here:

As vital oil booms sit, untouched, on the shore, a month after the explosion, fishing boats are held in wait, instead of put to use, crews working for BP take the weekend off, and the Governor of the State of Louisiana must BEG THE ARMY CORP OF ENGINEERS TO DREDGE OUR OWN SAND, it’s time we stood up as the City of New Orleans, as Citizens of Louisiana, and as Americans, and demanded representation from those we elected to office.

Please; Join us on Sunday, May 30th, at 1 pm, as we meet to protest this atrocity in Jackson Square, the site of historic defense of New Orleans.

It’s that time again, to defend that which we hold dear, and in fact, our very way of life, our home.

Sign me big enough for my name to be read by the King, without his glasses;

Lord David
Skull Club
New Orleans, the Best City in the World.

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