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I used to respect the E.P.A. I used to respect the Coast Guard. I used to respect The Office of The President of the United States. I used to respect Congress and the Supreme Court. I used to think the government, on all levels, in its own misguided way, was here to protect us; from everything, but especially from ourselves.  I used to think that, as people, we had common interests, like a desire to be safe, and try in our own private ways to be happy, and that human beings would help each other or, at very least, not stand in the way. I used to trust science to be used in beneficial ways; chemistry to cure diseases, physics to help us think about the world around us. I used to believe philosophies in all their form and manner would help us gain some small understanding; individually and collectively.

In short, I used to believe in a world where the politics of greed, and disregard, and arrogance, and jealousy, and power… were bridled by more noble concepts.

It isn’t oil that’s drifting through our water, seeping into our soil, and screaming silently into the air; Its all the worst traits of mankind begging us to be better than we are.


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