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May 25, 2010 by

Yesterday an old friend of mind from Baltimore, Sue Ellen Grove, sent me a message through Facebook. She seemed a little flustered. A friend of hers who owns a foundry in Baltimore manufactures a material that could hold the key to plugging the gusher in the gulf – but he cannot get BP, or the federal government, or anyone else in charge, to give him the time of day– let alone a few minutes to hear him out. This man, Don Sanchez of Chesapeake Specialty Products, has thus far only been able to get a local TV station, WJZ in Baltimore, to let him air a demonstration of his proposed solution. The stuff works. It’s the real deal.

So, not knowing where else to turn, Sue Ellen contacted me, your friendly neighborhood hack novelist, simply because I’m the only person she knows in New Orleans. It probably helped that Sue Ellen knows I’m a loudmouth and a troublemaker, but she was too polite to say.

I immediately began sending out messages to the few national media connections I have. Many of these folks are being inundated with this type of correspondence right now, so there wasn’t much response. But Karen Dalton Beninato of the Huffington Post and NewOrleans.com was eager to learn more — and agreed to spread the word if the story looked legit. It looked legit. She got in touch with Sanchez, got clearance from her editors, did an interview, and posted it to both publications immediately. This all happened in less than 24 hours.

Here is Karen’s story on Huffington Post.

The story needs legs — and now. That’s where we come in. No time for putzing around, folks.

BP is about to do a Top Kill procedure using a manmade compound referred to as mud. According to Sanchez, this will likely make things worse. Mud will not work, and it will make more sensible attempts in the future difficult or impossible.

From Karen’s story at Huffpo:

The company’s HDM is currently used in radiation shielding, ship ballast and security barriers. With the Top Kill plan, Sanchez is concerned that “Once drilling mud fails, the probability of success with higher density product diminishes. If the proper mixes of granular size of any product is not used, there will be either premature plugging of pipe or lack of plugging at the well head.”

As Billy Nungesser recently said in an angry interview for BayouBuzz.com, “There’s nobody in charge who has any passion for doing the right thing. It’s a job to them.” Billy Nungesser is 100% correct. He is saying out loud what the rest of us already know, and God bless him for it.

We need to get Sanchez’s material tested in deep water and, if it checks out (as it most likely will), we need to have it implemented immediately. These things can only happen if there is immense public pressure for BP to act on this. Newsflash, and pardon my Creole: BP doesn’t give a fuck about Louisiana. They don’t care about our people or our livelihoods or our culture. But they do care about their public image. To them this is a popularity contest that begins and ends with a big fat dollar sign. So let’s show them how popular they can be if they stop dicking around and shutting out people with the passion to do the right thing — like Don Sanchez.

Media people: contact Don Sanchez, check out his story, do what you have to do to satisfy your concerns. Let me save you some time: He’s not a kook. He can be contacted at: [email protected] Get informed, then make some noise.

Bloggers: do your thing and do it now. Be heard.

Sanchez has 4,000 tons of this material ready to go. He can have it delivered to the spill site by tomorrow – he just needs a greenlight.

God bless our Gulf Coast.

Louis Maistros