By the time y’all are reading this…

Jul 14, 2010 by

…I’ll have been in Alaska for a little while.

No, I haven’t moved there permanently. It’s simply the longest family trip we’ve taken since my month-long honeymoon overseas.

And, judging by most of the menus we looked at online, one would think we chose Alaska this year just for the halibut – so many restaurants in the areas we planned to go through have that fish as the main dish to an ad nauseum degree.  That aside, we did plan this trip mainly because we wanted to see Alaska…but it’s one hell of a time to see it, considering some parallels that were explored in this window on the Gulf’s life after the oil disaster as seen through the ongoing aftermath of the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill.  Some of it is starting big time for Gulf Coast people who depend on fishing for a good chunk of their livelihoods, or on leading folks, for a fee, to the good fishing places.  We have a chance to hold the people responsible accountable, but it will be a long haul, even longer than post-levee breach recovery.  A long…daunting…haul.

I’ve got some bits and pieces of my trip on my Twitter account, onto which I’ve hopped after a month-long moratorium on mainlining oil disaster news into my brain.  If you have any responses, DM me through the Tweeter Tube.  I’ll be returning soon with more detailed accounts.  Don’t let the bastards grind y’all down.


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