NOLA Cred? My Ass

Jul 30, 2010 by

Today I am going to write about something that I find to be completely assinine: the constant pissing contest over who has “New Orleans cred,” and how much.

As someone who had ancestors on the first boat to arrive, I can trump most claims of “superior cred,” quite handily. That being the case I am the perfect person to note that simple bloodline or amount of time in the city pale into insignificance next to ho much that person “gets” the city and its rhytyms.

I know people who moved to NOLA after the levee failure that are more True NOLA ™ than people from families as old as my own. I know others who are so clueless it’s mind numbing.

Get off your high horses and judge people on their actions and the content of their characters. That is how we will build a better New Orleans.

-Loki, HumidCity Founder and Publisher

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