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Aug 12, 2010 by

I’m truly under the weather today. If it were just the hysteria of a downgraded tropical depression canceling my son’s first day of 2nd grade getting to me, it wouldn’t be so bad, but a puketastic Wednesday night and a runny nose and cough aren’t helping me much today, either…

…which is to say that none of what I just mentioned is any excuse for me to delay the following:


Rising Tide‘s enrollment needs a boost! We’re on track to break some records in getting more people than ever before to attend the conference in its fifth year. The program rocks, the price is still right, especially since it’s gonna be $5 more at the door if you don’t preregister, and the public service element this year benefits Second Harvest Food Bank, which has been busting their buns working overtime to feed the hungry in New Orleans and in the parts of Acadiana that have folks affected by the ongoing oil disaster in the Gulf.

Plus, once again, I will be doing my second annual Rising Tide contest on my blog, which you are only eligible for if you preregister or donate at least $10 to Rising Tide. C’mon, you know you wanna get $5 from me. Really you do.


Okay, only one other thing I can think of that might get you going…excuse me while I pull a sporting version of Oral Roberts, but here goes…

Tonight is the Saints’ first preseason game against the Patriots. I tend to put most of these scrimmages into the category of being Injury Bowls, but I have great hopes for the team this year. I am, however, thinking that if there aren’t at least three more registrations by the end of this week, the gods of football may take possession of a few more Saints players’ ACLs.

So register, register, REGISTER.

And enjoy tonight’s game! Heh heh heh.


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