Breaking: Police Standoff at UNO [Updated]

Sep 1, 2010 by

Students at UNO appear to be a bit displeased with the continuing cuts to educational funding. So much so that they are in a standoff with the police right now after barricading themselves into Milenburg Hall. provides the following transcript of a phone message from the occupied students:

“As of 7 AM Wed Sept 1st, Students have begun occupying UNO’s Milneburg Hall. Several culminating hostilities contributed to this action: Threats of furloughs, cutting of scholarships and meal plans, firing staff and workers, and the threat of the LSU system declaring “Financial Exigency.” …Essentially, all the effects of the larger attack on our higher education.

“While this financial crisis may have been the last straw, simply restoring the budget will not satisfy us. We are occupying for the realization of a free University and a free society.”

Evidently there is also supposed to be some kind of protest on the UNO Quad which the occupying forces encourage all to attend.

I’m surprised to see students taking action like this as over the past decade or so most of the student action I have seen has been fairly anemic to say the least. During the reign of Jindal the Creationist we have seen great damage done to the already nearly useless Louisiana educational system, all enacted with little fuss or bother. Whatever else you may say about the situation it is good to see that someone still cares about educational issues.

UPDATE: Looks like it has ended and we have a few more details via this article. Go check it out. The students have left the building.

-Loki, Foudner and Publisher

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