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Sep 7, 2010 by

…is taking up Jackson Square, the area across Decatur Street from the square, the Jax Brewery parking lot, Decatur Street from St Louis Street to Dumaine, and Woldenberg Park.  Yep, it’s the NFL Kickoff stage and its accompanying sideshows, which are spreading themselves wider than Larry Craig’s stance in a men’s room.  And the best the NFL can do to help affected merchants in the area – folks who are already suffering from the recession – after they’ve walled off the square to set up for their cameras and first-come, first-served free ticketholders to the concert, is this:

Thanks a bundle.  And especial no thanks to the city for allowing the ugliest takeover of the square and its environs since George W. Bush made his empty promises in front of Andrew Jackson’s statue shortly after 8/29/2005.

The icing on this crap cake?  Well, speaking of Dubya, here’s a tweet for you:

EdgeofSports It makes me ill that we live in a world where there is more accountability for Reggie Bush than George Bush.

Yep, Reggie’s getting penalized for USC’s sins, and Dave Zirin, authority on moments when sports and social justice collide as well as a past keynote speaker for the Rising Tide Conference, has lots more to say about it here. Seriously, if O.J. didn’t have to return his trophy, why should Reggie?

Makes me glad Thursday’s Rosh Hashanah. I can spend the day praying to God, thanking God for at least not sending the Olympics to New Orleans, and imploring God to make this a good, sweet new year for all…

…but to at least let the Saints put a little hurt on the Vikings.


Update: If you’re still in a funk after having read this, head for Grandmaster Wang’s prediction.  We’ve still got a silver football on a pedestal with a famous coach’s name on it and that ain’t bad.

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