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Sep 15, 2010 by

Picked up my first-ever copy of Mother Jones magazine – because of the cover stories on BP’s cover-up of the oil disaster in the Gulf, which are quite good and build on what recent Rising Tide V keynoter Mac McClelland has been reporting on in recent months – and found this ad on page 3 (click to enlarge):

The highlight, after all the shenanigans involving Vitter’s whoremongering and his girlfriend-assaulting aide, is AT&T’s hosting of a $1000/plate dinner for the senator. In other words: touch that iPhone, cellular customer, and support Diaper Dave and his misogynist staffers!

Credo drive its point home further at its website, which gives you a nifty map that shows who else AT&T supports on the right side of the political spectrum. BUT…hang on to your Droids & CrackBerrys before you go switching services… it seems Credo is not entirely all that as far as its background goes:

…there’s no small irony in CREDO “calling out” Verizon Wireless. CREDO itself is also completely non-union! And not only does it knock, with good reason, VZW, it also takes regular aim at AT&T Mobility, the one wireless company that is unionized.

CREDO got its start as Working Assets, re-selling long-distance service by the notoriously anti-union Sprint. Now it’s doing the same thing with wireless, marketing itself as a bankroller of every kind of rights movement — except the workers’ rights one.

Meanwhile, it tries to get progressive customers to switch, not just from VZW (a move long recommended by labor) but from AT&T as well, where more than 35,000 technicians, customer service reps, and retail store personnel belong to the Communications Workers of America.

In other words, nice ad, Credo. Start backing it up by minding your own backyard. The Information Age does cut both ways.


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