History. Ugly, Ugly History¦

Sep 20, 2010 by

The NFL World Champion Saints are 2-0 and the Fleur-De-Lis Nation (I’m sick of the Who Dat controversy and I will no longer be using the term.) has a short week of five days to recover from another scary game that could have gone either way. There were flashes of brilliance tonight, but they more resembled happy accidents rather than solid play. If I had to call it, I’d say that contrary to what we were told, the Saints did indeed think this game was going to be a cakewalk and went in with an overconfidence that almost cost them the game.

That being said, a win is a win no matter how ugly, and in case we have any more of these I’ll be working on a new slogan: Win Ugly! (Hey, it’s better than Smell Ugly!)

We have History here though folks, so in case you were hiding your eyes I’ll recap it for you:

With four receptions, Reggie Bush (269) moved into 7th place on the Saints career receptions list passing Hoby Brenner (267). Bush needs one reception to tie (or two to pass) Quinn Early (270) in 6th place. Depending on the outcome of Reggie’s injury (as yet unspecified) this should happen in his next game.

Garrett Hartley returned to perfect form splitting the posts 3 of 3 times.This moves Hartley (25) to 7th place in career FGs passing Benny Ricardo (23) and Bill McClard (23). Hartley’s next stop would be Rich Szabo’s (37) 6th place mark. Hartley’s two misses last week dropped his FG percentage made stat just a bit but through tonight he still has the highest FG percentage made of any Saints kicker at .862.

So until next Sunday, I’ll be at the bar mixing up a huge batch of bicarbonate of soda. Gimme a call if you need one!

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