Looking Well in the Dark

Oct 22, 2010 by

With the advent of technologies that allow us to visually and verbally document anything that happens and disseminate those happenings nearly instantly to the world comes some responsibility on our part as well as on the part of the people being documented.

In other words, I can’t think of a time when “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all” has a greater chance of actually being followed – or of being trumped by, “Screw that, I’m gonna be on TV!  The internet will be talking about me!  This is what I need!”  It’s a push me-pull you of right and wrong there.   And the ones who are negotiating it badly just happen to be running for office.

Two out of three of the candidates mentioned in that link are women.  The knee-jerk inclination on my part is to see them as people who can’t get attention in any other way other than running for office and repeatedly putting their feet in their mouths in the process. Ah, women…glad I’m not one.

…oh, wait…

*grudgingly* Aw, do I hafta try to speak for them?  They keep digging their holes!  Let them lie in them.  I’m sure they’ll be quite comfortable.

I was all ready to leave the idiocy of these people behind until I came across this tidbit of information through Twitter – a certain Maureen Tucker speaking of her affinity for the Tea Party and its views.

Yep, Maureen Tucker – otherwise known as Moe Tucker, drummer for that essential band of the late ’60’s-early ’70’s extolling all things street-wise with an edge to its sound, the band whose first album didn’t sell many copies, but supposedly inspired everyone who bought it to start their own band – yes, the Velvet Underground, ladies and gentlemen.

My first reaction: say it ain’t so, Moe!  What, pray tell, could have brought her over to the views of a group that one doesn’t have to look too far or too deeply to see its connections with racist organizations?  As it turns out – and it’s scary to admit this – I read her full interview and think she’s making some valid points.

I mean, dammit, I’m tired, and I’m weary (and I could always sleep for a thousand years, but that’s just me) of how broken our system of government is, sure.  Especially here in Louisiana, where our governor, who doesn’t even know how to spell “higher education”, is claiming a college education gained in this state doesn’t have any value and backing up his assessment with some major cuts to the state’s universities.  Where our wetlands are still not valued, either, and where oil money is far too precious to grandstanding pols such as Jindal, who gives lip service to getting monetary reparations from BP for oiling up the coastline and doesn’t follow through with his words.  The way politics impedes true socio-economic development here is truly vomitrocious, as a certain cartoon character in a show my son likes to watch occasionally would say.  Got no argument with Moe Tucker there.

Where I part ways with her reasoning, however, is that she felt the best way to make her particular views known, to stand and be counted, was at a Tea Party rally in Georgia.  It’s also where I part ways with many of these women who put themselves under this banner…because to me, it seems they are so blinded by their own convictions that they cannot look – really look – around them and see who they’re standing with.  It seems that compassion for the other has fallen clean out of them, or was never there to begin with.  In an uncertain world, one grasps for security, and the security in low-to-no taxes, in not wanting to pay for the government’s pork barrel projects, and  in trying to get politicians to listen to their constituents and not to lobbyists is pretty attractive, but, ultimately, fairly one-dimensional.  So you go to the party that will let you air your views in public – and it isn’t left-leaning, but it will at least let you have a say.  And there you have the attraction to the Tea Party in a nutshell.

The Democratic Party’s promises are ringing hollow to more and more people simply because it will not stand for compassion like it once seemed to.  When push comes to shove, the Democrats come up with candidates who are just as entrenched in the current system as GOP stalwarts, but the Dems who would be truly reasonable are, for some reason, not being heard.  The ideas and the planning that would truly help us all as human beings are not being put forth by either party, really….

…but I can’t do it.  I can’t go for the tea as a party, only as a drink.

I can only thank Moe Tucker for blazing a trail as a steady instrumentalist in one of the coolest bands to ever form on this earth, one that expanded well past its window dressing to Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable shows into a musical force in its own right.  Keep closing the door, O Innovative Lady Drummer.  Perhaps your night will, indeed, last forever.  I’ll set you free to find new illusions, whatever they may be.


Oh, almost forgot: If one more of these candidates tells someone to “put some man-pants on“, I’m gonna dig up some Wonder Woman Underoos and use the truth lasso to determine how exactly they expect that process to come about.  I can see these women quaking in their big girl panties even as I type this…

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