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Dec 2, 2010 by

Yeah, yeah, we’re getting inundated with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Tech Tuesday, Hand-Wringing Wednesday, and GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY HERE’S THE BILLS FOR THE GIFTS day (which is a pretty damned rough day, indeed), but there are some things I know of that will make trolling for goodies for friends and family easier:

Check out Stay Local for the local businesses you can support.  There are a lot of good ones in this town, and I’m not just saying that ’cause I live here.  You don’t have to brave a mall when you’ve got so much to choose from in your ‘hood or in the next ‘hood over.  Other good sites for local picks are NOLAlicious’ index, the New Orleans Craft Mafia, some stuff under shopping at GoNOLA, there’s the Crescent City Farmers Market site, and….if you’ve got lines on any others, leave them in the comments, please.

One big one that deserves some love is the Arius Gallery on Jackson Square, which has begun to carry the folk arts of many of the square’s finest, enabling them to offer their work all week long rather than just on the weekends.  Among the shop’s offerings of New Orleans-themed tiles, photography, and locally-made pottery are works by Leveeland Creations, Hank Holland, and Regis Scott.  Don’t knock this shop just ’cause it’s easy for the turistas to come on in.  (Full disclosure: if you support the shop and these artists, you also ensure that I stay employed.  Thanks in advance for your support.  8-) ) Get off your computer and get some real live support of the locals on.

Plug your badass NOLA merchandising self or your favorite places in the comments below.   I’m shamelessly borrowing an idea from a First Draft post – but I want to know which local places are your go-tos for gifts.

And yes, I’m still helping keep the Hostilidays alive, because the Jewish NSYNC clones keep on giving.


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